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27 March 2019

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Celebrating 100 Episodes of Managing Marketing

The Managing Marketing podcast commenced in July 11, 2015 with a discussion with my friend and colleague Shawn Callahan of Anecdote. He had a Zoom Digital Audio Recorder and we used it to record the first every Managing Marketing podcast. You can hear that first recording here.Next Tuesday we will publish our 100th episode, with an interview with the longest serving TrinityP3 Consultant – Clive Duncan – discussing television, video and film production.Want to check out all 100 episodes? You can listen to them all here on Soundcloud or iTunes
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The Top 5 Managing Marketing Podcast Episodes

What were the hottest topics and who the hottest guests? Over the 99 episodes to date the top topics were:1. Creativity In A Digital Age2. The Importance Of Mastering Marketing Principles3. Dealing With The Increasing Complexity Of The Media Market4. The Challenges Facing The Advertising Agency Business Model5. Programmatic Media Buying And Its Impact On AdvertisingAnd who were the hottest guests? Simply click on each to find out or go here.

Are you going to Mumbrella360?

It is officially Australia’s largest media and marketing event for marketers, agencies, media owners and martech providers. Across three days, June 4-6 at the Hilton Hotel Sydney with five streams of content, a masterclass stream, an exhibition floor, breakfast presentations and social evening events.

Find out more here and see you there. #M360

Media, Media Agencies and Managing Marketing

A procurement professional described media as one of the oldest commodities in the world. But the fact is this over simplifies what is an incredibly complex and dynamic trading eco-system and the person that tries to commoditise media will invariable miss out on harnessing the very power media provides organisations – the ability to reach, engage and change the behaviour of the audience. So how do we unlock the value trapped within the media market and deliver the results for our brands and businesses?
 Listen to the insights from the world of media here

Women In Marketing On Managing Marketing

Marketing is an industry category often accused of lacking in gender diversity (or in fact any diversity) 
but the Managing Marketing podcast showcases
 a diverse range of views and especially
 some of the many talented and experienced women working in marketing, media and advertising. Marketers, Advertisers, Agency Leaders, Procurement and more all share their insights, experience and expertise in conversations on Managing Marketing.Listen to the wisdom they share here

Don’t have time to listen?

If you do not have time to listen to the podcasts or just are not into
podcasts then you can read all

or any of the podcast episodes here.

Each episode is transcribed and published on the TrinityP3 blog so
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guest and their views and opinions. It is up to you.

Demystifying Data and Analytics

The better you are able to understand the needs, wants and desires of your audience the better you are able to give your customer the experience they are willing to pay. Data allows marketers better to understand their customers and potential customer at scale and make the plans and decisions that will attract an unfair share of their attention and business. It is not just a series of 1s and 0s or pages of 
spreadsheets. But how do you unlock the value within that data and turn it into the insights you need to drive your business?
 Listen to the experts here

Do you have something to say?

Have an opinion? Or just like a good chat? Or up for an informed discussion
on the industry you know and love? Marketing, media and advertising is all covered in Managing Marketing. If you are interested or know someone  who would be great then let Zoey know

who, what and where we can chat here.

But we do record these face to face only.

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