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Improving Marketing Performance Upgrading Marketing Technology Performance Increasing Media Transparency & Value Optimising Agency & Roster Performance Delivering an Agile Go To Market Performance

Newsletter 28 June 2017

Welcome to the 28 June edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

For more than a decade, marketing has had costs reduced, while expectations for delivering company growth have grown. Meanwhile technology has provided increased opportunities and at the same time greater challenges. No wonder marketers are facing increase challenges and more complex problems.

TrinityP3 has developed new ways to solve these new and complex marketing problems. So what are your major marketing challenges?

Improving Marketing Performance

Marketers are facing increasing challenges in a complex market place. Plus there is the increasing pressure on marketers to demonstrate effectiveness, drive customer experience and ultimately business growth, means that marketers need to focus on not just delivering performance but proving the effectiveness and efficiency of their strategy and execution. Read more here.  

Upgrading Marketing Technology Performance

Technology is revolutionising marketing and marketing practice. Digital technology is core to the marketing process today. Automated marketing, data management platforms, customer relationship management platforms, demand side platforms, programmatic buying, content management systems, digital asset management and so much more. Plus there are new innovations and more technology options every day. Read more here.  

Increasing Media Transparency & Value

Media continues to be the single largest budget item for most advertisers. But how media has changed in the past decade, with paid digital media spend higher that television and all traditional media. But with these changes comes significant challenges around transparency, meaningful and consistent metrics, viewability, rising ad fraud in the billions of dollars annually and the erosion of the advertisers media buying value. Read more here.  

Optimising Agency & Roster Performance

As the scope and definition of marketing continues to grow, it becomes harder for one group of people to ‘know it all’. Agencies have diversified over time, to meet demand for specialist services. The result can often be unwieldy agency rosters, un-checked process and underperforming relationships. Rather then just rationalise your roster, it is important to align it to your strategy to drive maximum performance from your roster. Read more here.      

Delivering an Agile Go To Market Performance

What happens when the rubber hits the road? The right building blocks, internal and external, are essential in starting the process to improved performance. But the delivery and implementation of marketing programmes represent crunch time. This is where inefficiency impacts directly on the power of your marketing budget. Read more here.  


Achieving Sustainable Marketing Performance

Is your marketing strategy aligned to your company’s sustainability policy? Do you measure and optimise your carbon emissions across all your advertising and marketing communications? Do you hold your specialist internal and supplier accountable to sustainability performance? Corporate sustainability is increasingly important to more organisations and marketing plays an important role in this strategy. Read more here.    

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