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The importance of rates in assessing an agency and their people Assess your agency’s performance with accurate agency benchmarks A simple way to check your advertising agency fees How do your agency rates stack up and why?

Newsletter 4th October 2017

Welcome to the 4th October edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

The importance of rates in assessing an agency and their people

TrinityP3 launched the Ad Cost Checker online benchmarking system to allow advertisers, procurement and agencies to be able to benchmark their rates against the industry. The purpose is to provide a robust assessment against which agency rates can be compared. While rates are not a definitive determination of overall cost, they are an important factor in considering the value of the agency resource. The role of the industry rate benchmark is not about making all agencies and all resources conform to a mean, but to use the variance to the mean as the basis of determining this value. Read more here.  

Assess your agency’s performance with accurate agency benchmarks

Agency remuneration benchmarking can be quite a controversial topic, especially for agencies. But it is also a point of contention for procurement and consultants. You see there are many people who purport to have robust agency benchmarks and will talk about their thousands of benchmark data samples.  In fact it can become a game of “whoever has the biggest pool of data wins” as tall tales are told about data samples in an effort to get credibility. To eliminate all doubt and because benchmarking is important and deserves to be managed professionally, we invested significantly in developing the online Ad Cost Checker rates benchmarking system. Read more here.    

A simple way to check your advertising agency fees

Are you are an advertiser, marketer, procurement professional or even an agency manager? One of the key issues that arise on a regular basis is advertising agency costs and specifically the rates charged. TrinityP3 has been benchmarking and assessing agency fees and charges for more than a decade and one of the areas of conflict is determining a fair and reasonable rate for those advertising services. This is why we have developed an on-line system called Ad Cost Checker. Read more here.  

How do your agency rates stack up and why?

TrinityP3 has been collecting, analysing and benchmarking agency remuneration for more than a decade across all major agency supplier categories including creative, digital, media, design, social and the disciplines within each of these categories including management, account management, strategy, conceptualisation, production and implementation. Using the data we have collected and continue to collect, we have developed an online application that allows agencies, procurement and advertisers to check the rates against the market based on the influences and trends we have defined here.

Where can you find the world’s best creative value?

The global marketplace is increasingly becoming a global village thanks to the pervasiveness of the internet and growing mobility. The days of ‘centres of excellence’ are passing, as talent now has the ability to collect into cohorts anywhere in the world. To provide a measure of creative value requires a consistent and recognised measure of creativity and a measure of cost, together producing a Creative Value Index (CVI). By sourcing existing creative and cost metrics, we have been able to apply the methodology to calculate a CVI that allows global and regional advertisers to identify markets offering exceptional value for creativity based on performance and cost. Read more here.    

Try it for yourself with a free Ad Cost Checker trial

If you want to find out how your agency rates rate against the market place we are offering free trials for the next 14 days. From now until October 20 you can request a free trial of Ad Cost Checker to benchmark your agency rates against the market. Limited to one per person per company. Conditions apply. With more than 20 markets available and benchmarks across agency, media, digital and production you are sure to find the data you need to assess your agency rates. Read more here.    

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Most in Demand for this Month

September saw the team at TrinityP3 focusing on some very large projects including:
  • Working with a large retirement fund to re organize its extensive agency roster.
  • We completed the discovery stage of a comprehensive review that will help restructure a leading Australian university.
  • Another university had the TrinityP3 team run a workshop better to understand future marketing challenges.
  • A leading financial institution conducted a output-based financial modeling exercise using TrinityP3’s in-depth knowledge and database.

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