Global Marketing Management Update

6 November 2019

Welcome to the November edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Today at 4 pm in Singapore Trinity P3 CEO, Darren Woolley and Asia Business Director, Julian Barrans are on stage at the Mumbrella360 Asia presenting:

The Pitch – A Game Show Beyond All Others

We ask – is the pitch always the right way to choose new clients? Not necessarily. Often pitches can be long and expensive for no good reason. So what are the alternatives? And if you do have to run a pitch, what are the best-practice elements to doing it well?

In this fun game show activation you will find out the answers to those questions and a whole lot more besides.

Taking part as a contestant will be the award-winning Hong Kong-based CEO and founder of Sinclair, Kiri Sinclair, as well as the Havas Singapore chief strategy officer Mallika Shankarnarayan and the Wunderman Thompson Asia-Pacific chief client and growth officer Sharon Fernandes along with IPG Mediabrands Singapore CEO David Haddad.

Here is some important reading on the issues covered today.

Taking too long

Lately there has been discussion that indicates the industry thinks the pitch process is too long and involved and complicated and they are looking for / proposing ways to make it faster / easier. So why do some pitches take too long? And how can they be managed more efficiently? Find out more here .

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Paying for pitches

While some may feel that the payment of pitch fees to the agencies is a sign of goodwill, it can also appear as a token payment for the many hours and out-of-pocket expenses that are involved in participating in the pitch process. Let’s look at some guidelines for the three reasons you would pay pitch fees and some recommendations on what you should consider paying. Find out more here .

Register for New Business

The TrinityP3 Agency Register is a free and confidential way to register your interest in being considered for new business.

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Too many agencies

You often read in the trade media of pitches where there are 12 or more agencies invited to ‘pitch’ for an advertiser’s account. In the Democratic Presidential race, the more candidates there are, the less likely one is to find the best candidate. Is it the same when searching for an agency? Find out more here .

Looking for a new agency?

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Most in Demand for this Month

The TrinityP3 team helped our clients on the following projects last month:

  • Aligning structure and process for a large financial marketer

  • Benchmarking agency remuneration for a utility

  • Managing a tender process for an automotive brand

  • Assessing a production partner for a leisure marketer

  • Surveying agency relationships and performance for a major government department