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Needing to align your marketing to your company sustainability objectives? Wishing your media could be more efficient and environmentally effective? Wondering if your agencies and suppliers meet your sustainability requirements? Wanting to ensure your production process deliver sustainable outcomes?

Newsletter 6th December 2017

Welcome to the 6th December edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Is your marketing strategy aligned to your company’s sustainability policy? Do you measure and optimise your carbon emissions across all your advertising and marketing communications? Do you hold your specialist internal and supplier accountable to sustainability performance? Corporate sustainability is increasingly important to more organisations and marketing plays an important role in this strategy. Marketers can now have marketing strategy, media and production processes and proposals assessed with an independent guide to the level of CO2-e that is being added to the atmosphere. With this knowledge you can make informed decisions as to where to target your communications and what areas you need to review. ‘It is all about being aware.’ Read more here.   

Needing to align your marketing to your company sustainability objectives?

Does your company have stated environmental policy? Is this policy clearly articulated within the organisation? Has the communications strategy kept pace with the business’s sustainable ambition? Are you open to social media criticism that you do not practise what you preach? Would an audit on your marketing communication show it to be aligned with industry best practice stewardship? We work with our clients to review their communication strategies to ensure they are aligned and support the business or organisational environmental policies to deliver the results required. Read more here.    

Wishing your media could be more efficient and environmentally effective?

Are you marketing environmental friendly products or are you promoting yourselves as an environmental conscious organisation? Does your advertising content reflect your goods and/or services sustainable credentials? If you answered yes to both or either of these points then the big question is – do you understand the environmental impact from your selected media channels? Not understanding and optimising your media choices not only is counter-intuitive to your environmental positioning but also carries unnecessary corporate reputational risk. We work with our clients and their media partners to review their media communication strategies to ensure they are clearly understood from an environmental perceptive. With this knowledge planning and buying can aligned and support the business or organisational environmental policies. Read more here.    

Wondering if your agencies and suppliers meet your sustainability requirements?

Are you trying to have a sustainability policy that is beyond reducing paper use and recycling bins in the office? Do you have a benchmark of where your marketing teams environmental understanding and practice is today so you can plan to improve it tomorrow? Is there sufficient rigor around environmental behaviour in your third party marketing purchasing activities? Are you at risk by association that one of your marketing suppliers is causing undisclosed and unnecessary harm to the environment? At TrinityP3 we work with our clients to ensure that they have a robust long-term environmental platform therefore ensuring the marketing team have the understanding and tools to review, assess and manage both internal process and external suppliers. Read more here.

Wanting to ensure your production process deliver sustainable outcomes?

Is the sustainability advice you are being given on goods and services coming from your suppliers or is it independent of the transactional process? Can you guarantee that the recommendations given by your marketing partners on environmental matters are not based more on commercial considerations? Is the knowledge of sustainable best practice inconsistent across the wider marketing team? What problems are out there that you do not understand? TrinityP3 are the independent experts on sustainable production in marketing. It is difficult to stay abreast of the possible environmental landlines that await marketers with the growing complexity of content creation and channel proliferation. TrinityP3 can review your current contracts, production partners and plans to help you better manage the future risk to your business. Read more here.    

Looking for a traceable and compliance carbon offset program?

Is carbon neutrality an option for mitigating environmental risk in your business? Is this treated as a line item for your business and therefore an unallocated cost? Would receiving compliant carbon neutralised goods and services from your marketing and other suppliers help meet your sustainability policies? Do you know how this can be achieved at minimum cost in an independent and transparent manner? TrinityP3 work closely with the world’s leading transactional marketing carbon offsetting system The CO2counter to help you deliver compliant offsets. This can also help move centralised offsetting costs to business units allow the setting up of ‘Carbon Budgeting.’ Making budget owners responsible for the cost of neutralising their buying decisions focuses them on buying the most sustainable and low carbon solution for the business. Read more here.    

Any of these marketing challenges keeping you up at night?

There’s no point losing sleep over this as all of them can be solved. Why not request a free consultation with a TrinityP3 expert to discuss your particular challenge and explore possible solutions?

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Most in Demand for this Month

The TrinityP3 team has been busy helping our customers on the following projects last month:
  • A leading university worked with us to find a new PR partner.
  • We advised a major media player on how its pricing model compares with the industry.
  • The same infrastructure marketing team also asked us to find a new strategic partner for their media requirements.
  • One of Australia’s larger financial institutions used the team to recalibrate their marketing strategic alignment.
  • An online transport provider had us assist with finding a new creative agency.
  • And last but not least, another famous university used our benchmarking analytics to negotiate value pricing against their scope of work.
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