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Media Agency Relationship Management Bridging the Great Divides that Limit Marketing Performance The Media Rebate and Transparency Crisis The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing in a Data-driven World Marketing Procurement Health Check

Newsletter 8 February 2017

Welcome to the 8 February edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Media Agency Relationship Management

Media is most likely your biggest advertising investment, right? Then, it would probably be worthwhile knowing if you are receiving all of the value possible for that investment. This White Paper is all about how to do exactly that; not just from an agency perspective but also as an advertiser.

It is a balanced view of what advertisers and their media agency should be doing to optimise your media investment value, including transparency and performance optimisation. Combining a wealth of experience and hands-on application, it is the White Paper to read for any media professional and is available to download free here.

Bridging the Great Divides that Limit Marketing Performance

Traditionally, marketing was seen as a discipline separate from the other disciplines with the organisation and in some cases sales support. But, with the shift towards customer experience management and the broadening role of marketing throughout the organisation, these traditional divides are no longer relevant or useful.

In fact, many of the divides that existed between marketing and sales, data analytics and insights and the like, are actually hindering the performance of the organisation. Marketers need to create more collaborative ways of working with these functions to deliver.

You can download this White paper all about bridging these divides right here.

The Media Rebate and Transparency Crisis

In 2016, the publication of the ANA commissioned K2 report was a wake-up call for advertisers globally on the issue of media transparency. Not just in regards to the issue of rebates and kickbacks, but all aspects of the media value chain performance. But this issue did not arise overnight.

This White Paper provides a background to the slow-motion train wreck that is media transparency, and highlights the causes and milestones of how it evolved. It provides a valuable insight into the issues surrounding media transparency and the steps being taken to address it.

You can download this White Paper here.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing in a Data-driven World

Digital technology continues to impact the way we do marketing and the associated data, and the insights gained from it allow marketers to better understand and respond to their customers in a timely and relevant manner. But for many marketers the opportunities and the process are complex and often contradictory and confusing.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing in a Data-driven World is a magazine that provides a step-by-step approach to the considerations and the decisions that need to be made to incorporate and align digital marketing into your marketing strategy and structure.

You can download your copy here.

Marketing Procurement Health Check

Most Procurement professionals working in marketing have discovered fairly quickly the unique challenges marketing offers. The simple cost reduction approach is a short-term sourcing strategy that overlooks the longer-term benefit procurement can provide to marketing within the organisation.

The first step in developing the procurement skill set needed for marketing is to understand the current capability of the procurement team. This is where the Marketing Procurement Health Check can assist. It is a self-assessment framework that provides a focus for where development is required and allows you to track the progress.

More information is available here.

Television Advertising Production Governance Guide

Television production, including non-broadcast production, is becoming more fragmented and complex with the increased number of channels for distribution to be considered. Marketing teams and their procurement partners often default the management of the process to their suppliers including their advertising agencies and production companies, but in fact the legal responsibility will practically always lay at the feet of the advertiser.

This Guide provides a map of the television production process and highlights the points where increased governance is required by advertisers to ensure they are achieving the delivery of value, and at the same time comply with the legal requirements governing the process.

You can find out more about the guide and download it here.

TrinityP3 Resource Rate Calculator phone app

The TrinityP3 Resource Rate Calculator is a phone app for calculating annual billable hours in any market and converting annual salaries into hourly rates and hourly rates into annual salaries. Based on the very popular TrinityP3 Calculators, the Resource Rate Calculator app allows you to take this functionality with you on your smart phone.

Available for iOS devised and Android, the Resource Rate Calculator is ideal for marketers, procurement professionals, and agency teams involved in calculating remuneration based on the traditional hourly rate cost models.

You can read more about it and download the right version for your smartphone or tablet here.

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Most in Demand for this Month
The TrinityP3 team has already been helping out a number of leading organizations during the first month of year:
  • One of the countries leading sporting codes had us run a capabilities review of their production facilities.
  • A leading tourism operator used our knowledge and analytics to help negotiate their new media contract.
  • We supplied agency benchmarking and assisted with defining the scope of work for the year for a leading online retailer.
  • Another online fashion retailer asked us to run strategic workshops so they could better plan their marketing direction for the year ahead.

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