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Issue 84, 13/11/07

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» choosing key images for print
» new brochure demystifies digital
» P3Digital sponsor summit
» nsw workshop SOLD OUT
» compliance review

In Other News

SOLD OUT – Sydney P3TV Workshop, Melbourne tickets only remaining – HURRY

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Media-mix integration is an issue of growing importance to marketers seeking to optimize the effectiveness of campaigns that extend across a number of consumer touch-points. Now, more than ever, there is need to make your marketing dollar go as far as possible. Getting the maximum value out of every campaign is paramount.

In this edition of P3 e-news, we look at optimising the creative links across multi-media channels to enhance the potency, and value, of your next integrated campaign. 

choosing key images for print

What are the key visuals or images I should use in print?

Extending the creative impact of a television commercial will invariably lead to the selection of obvious scenes & images to be used in print, DM, outdoor and online. These images ideally represent the ‘best images’ of a particular piece of communication. But which visuals provide the strongest creative link in the minds of your consumer?

Exactly what part of my TVC will consumers remember?

Gaining an insight into exactly which images, scenes or parts of a TVC are the most memorable can also help determine the most powerful means of extending a campaign across other mediums ie. print, outdoor or online.

Neuro-Insight routinely measures the performance of concepts through to finished TVC’s. An important measure of potential ad effectiveness is “memory encoding”, a response associated with specific patterns of brain activity that are known to be related to memory.

Various scenes & images can be identified as being particularly memorable in terms of both rational & emotional memory. Importantly, the link between this specific measure of memory and future behaviour is now well established.  In other words, for an ad to influence future behaviour, it must be stored in memory in the first place.

Images that connect

The image below represents a typical analysis of a 30 second TVC. The red line represents the level of memory encoding at that specific point in the commercial. The gift wrapped images are the most memorable scenes in this TVC. They provide powerful links to other advertising activity that support and reinforce key messages & branding. These visuals could form the basis of a creative link to other print material in an integrated cross-media campaign.


About Neuro-Insight

Neuro-Insight uses Steady State Topography (SST), a well-researched and validated brain-imaging technology, to track electrical activity in the brain such as: attention, memory, emotion and engagement.

SST can measure and interpret responses to brands, commercials, television and radio programs, music, design, and even tastes and smells.  Ads, films, or videos still in development can also be assessed via sketches, storyboards or animatics.

Neuro-Insight is the only market research company in the world licensed to use SST technology. So if you want to know which images from your tv campaign to use in your print campaign, contact Peter Pynta at Neuro-Insight ppynta@neuro-insight.com.au or visit www.neuro-insight.com.au

Or if you want to know how to deliver these insights more cost and time efficiently, please contact Darren Woolley at P3 darren@p3.com.au or call P3 in Melbourne 03 9682 6800 or in Sydney 02 8399 0922.

new brochure demystifies digital

With the growth of multiple digital platforms, the changing digital landscape and the plethora of digital marketing opportunities available, marketers decisions are being challenged on a daily basis.

Many senior marketers have just a basic understanding of digital marketing. Others understand the basics but do not know how to fine tune digital marketing performance. Many are not confident knowing the opportunities to pursue further. Some clients are too afraid to ask questions. P3Digital can help.

Understand more about digital marketing today: download the new P3Digital Brochure at our website or call P3Digital consultant, Russell Easter at P3 in Melbourne 03 9682 6800 or in Sydney 02 8399 0922.

P3Digital sponsor summit

Digital Marketing and Media Summit 2007
19th November 2007, Langham Hotel, Melbourne 

This summit will look at the evolving relationships between consumers, brands and new media. Topics will range from  Digital strategy – best practice to Understanding the Australian online media landscape.

Darren Woolley and Russell Easther from P3Digital will be attending and be available to answer all your digital marketing questions. Pick up a copy of our new P3Digital brochure and our latest Top 10 on digital marketing.

To register for the Summit, contact Elite Media.


nsw workshop SOLD OUT

The P3TV Production Workshops for Advertisers, run in conjunction with the Nine Network are booking fast. MELBOURNE SEATS ONLY AVAILABLE.

Sydney – Wednesday 28th Nov, 9-1pm SOLD OUT
Melbourne – Friday 30th Nov, 9-1pm

This half day workshop run by Darren Woolley will give you a better understanding of the tv commercial production process, help you make more informed decisions and participate more effectively.

Booking forms can be downloaded from our website or email amanda@p3.com.au

compliance review

This month’s feature includes "Payroll Tax on Options and Rollovers – not so simple" plus articles from the following contributors:

Darren Woolley, P3: Should voiceover fees be paid by media or execution?
* AANA/WFA: Why self-regulation in the ad industry works
* Anisimoff Legal: New moral rights for performers

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