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Issue 70, 2/10/07

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» Program & Ad Break Engagement
» More P3TV workshops announced
» See us at CIPSA
» P3Digital to sponsor summit

In Other News

P3TV Workshops scheduled for November – see below for details

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Often advertisers will ask P3 if we measure advertising effectiveness. While we certainly assist advertisers and their agencies to work more efficiently together, the role of advertising effectiveness is outside our scope. However, we recently viewed a demonstration of the Neuro-Insight technology which is providing marketers with a more scientific approach to measuring advertising effectiveness.

In this edition of the P3 e-news Peter Pynta of Neuro-Insight looks at program and ad break engagement as it relates to media and advertising content. The big questions are…How is it accurately measured? What role does it play in advertising effectiveness? Do all TV program environments deliver on engagement?

Program & Ad Break Engagement

Not all programs are created equal

Neuro-Insight routinely measures the engagement of both media & advertising content to identify key drivers of effectiveness. Their definition of engagement is…”a measure of personal relevance”… a measure associated with specific patterns of brain activity.

The following examples demonstrate how engagement is measured across 4 different programs. (2 minutes leading into an ad break, & through a typical ad break itself). More importantly, we look at the relationship between program & ad break engagement. Some programs deliver more sustained levels of momentum through ad breaks than others.

Advertisers stand to gain higher impact & effectiveness when their commercials are in programs that deliver sustained levels of ad break engagement.

Engagement varies by program AND ad break

Program engagement varies dramatically even on similar rating programs. But how does program engagement influence commercial engagement? Chart 1 shows how engagement transfers from program (A & B) into the ad break on a second-by-second basis. Identical commercials were run in both programs, so the different levels of ad break engagement must be due to the program environment.


Chart 2 summarises the average level of engagement in the same program & ad breaks. Whilst program engagement varies, both programs tend to hold a similar level of engagement through the ad break.


Program engagement doesn’t always = ad break engagement

It’s often assumed that program engagement automatically means the ad break benefits from a similar level of engagement. We often see a difference between program & ad break, where it appears that some programs have much more sustained levels of “engagement momentum” flowing into the ad break. Again, identical ads were run in both programs.

Chart 3 clearly demonstrates this effect. The two lines represent two different programs with very similar levels of program engagement


Chart 4 summarises the transfer of program engagement into the ad break. Whilst both programs delivered the same level of engagement, Program C’s ad break engagement was 16% higher on average.


About Neuro-Insight

Neuro-Insight uses Steady State Topography (SST), a well-researched and validated brain-imaging technology, to track electrical activity in the brain. Neuro-Insight can measure:
Attention: The concentration and focusing of mental effort
Memory: The encoding of experiences into memory
Emotion: Positive and negative emotional responses
Engagement: Sense of personal relevance and involvement

With lightweight headsets, Neuro-Insight can measure and interpret responses to brands, commercials, television and radio programs, music, design, and even tastes and smells.  It can also assess ads, films, or videos still in development, via sketches, storyboards or animatics.

Neuro-Insight is the only market research company in the world licensed to use SST technology. So if you want to know what your consumers are really thinking and feeling, please contact Peter Pynta at Neuro-Insight ppynta@neuro-insight.com.au or visit www.neuro-insight.com.au

Or if you want to know how to deliver these insights more cost and time efficiently, please contact Darren Woolley at P3 darren@p3.com.au or call P3 in Melbourne 03 9682 6800 or in Sydney 02 8399 0922.

More P3TV workshops announced

Get out your diaries. The next P3TV Production Workshops for Advertisers, run in conjunction with the Nine Network in Melbourne and Sydney are booked in for November.

Sydney – Wednesday 28th Nov, 9-1pm

Melbourne – Friday 30th Nov, 9-1pm

This half day workshop run by Darren Woolley will give you a better understanding of the tv commercial production process, help you make more informed decisions and participate more effectively.

Booking forms a will be posted next week, or click here to download a booking form from our website, or email amanda@p3.com.au


See us at CIPSA

P3 will be exhibiting at the 3rd CIPS Australia Annual Conference, 16th & 17th October 2007, Crown Towers Melbourne

See us at stand 18 in the Purchasing Exchange where you can pick up our P3 brochure and P3Media brochure, collect a range of our Top 10’s, or pick up one of our incredibly popular Marketing Negotiation Tools.

Click here for more information on the conference or to book your place.



P3Digital to sponsor summit

Digital Marketing and Media Summit 2007
19th November 2007
Langham Hotel, Melbourne 

This summit will look at the evolving relationships between consumers, brands and new media. Topics will include: Integration of new media; Digital strategy – best practice; Channel selection and balance; Understanding the Australian online media landscape; Digital marketing by generation; The art of digital marketing; Understanding the language of online media; Digital marketing success stories; Tomorrows advertising technologies; What do marketing directors need to know today?; Brand building in the new media world; What digital service and offerings is the industry providing today? And where can new media integration take your brand?

To register, contact Elite Media. Or to talk to an expert about your digital marketing needs, contact P3Digital’s Russell Easther at russell@p3.com.au or call P3Melbourne 03 9682 6800 or P3Sydney 02 8399 0922


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