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In this issue Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) Board Election – vote today Conflict of interest in the advertising world –  Why pitching is changing and what to do about it + MUCH MORE  

Newsletter September 2014

Welcome to the new and improved September edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

What’s new this month

Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) Board Elections  

The elections for the board of the AMI are currently underway. With a new CEO the AMI is positioned to go from strength to strength in developing the reputation and standing of the profession in this country. It need a strong board to support this. The elections are now on and close September 14. If you are a AMI member it is time to cast your vote for the board to represent you and your chosen profession. Darren Woolley, founder of TrinityP3 along with other marketers including Kathy Hatzis, MaheshEnjeti and Mark Coutts have been nominated as potential representative. To make your vote count today, click here 

Why advertising agencies can no longer ignore conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest is defined as when a person is in a position of influence and uses that influence for their own personal gain, usually financial. It is particularly important when the money involved is from the public purse and is a part of the probity and rigor surrounding the awarding of all Government contracts.

But the same should and can be argued for all contracts, especially in the advertising industry, where the agency has had a huge influence on where and with whom the marketer’s budget is spent. This can be as large and significant as the awarding of a media contract down to the appointment of a storyboard artist to draw up the latest television concept for their client.

Increasingly these decisions are being reviewed by the client’s procurement teams and are often found to be lacking in either rigor or probity. In an industry where deals and appointments are often lauded for being made over a handshake or after a game on the links, is it any wonder that the industry has a reputation for being less than robust in the handling of their clients’ dollars? To read more click here

  Why pitching is changing and what to do about it

We’ve written before about the different kinds of pitches. We reckoned there were nine at the last count, and thereare probably more by now.But recently we’ve been noticing – and especially this year – that there are alsotwo kinds of pitch brief.

The two types of pitch brief

The first is the simple one. This is where the client team tells us the incumbent agency has had a clearly defined role on the roster, and now either performance or relationship issues have precipitated a review, or maybe there is a contractual requirement to review after a certain period.

The second kind is where the client’s marketing requirements have changed or diversified since the agency’s appointment, and yet the client marketing structure or process has failed to keep up.

And – typically – no-one has spotted it. Or, in the case of more complex marketing operations, the agency roster model has not evolved fast or far enough, even though the marketing decision-making process and communication channel choice has been transformed. And again, no-one has spotted that either.

The dangerous thing is that the first kind of pitch looks and sounds exactly like the second kind. So unless everyone stays on the look-out, clients can end up calling a pitch, hiring a new agency, and then running into exactly the same problems as before.

Heading straight into a pitch often doesn’t work. There are so many better, quicker, less expensive, less disruptive answers out there. The requirement for a pitch is usually a symptom, not a cause. To read more click here

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