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10 June 2020

Welcome to the June edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Yes, we have all been in lockdown, for what seems like an eternity. While I know we have all been busy, at TrinityP3 we have also continued to generate content; hosting industry webinars, recording podcasts and writing about our industry experience and insights on our website blog. There is a huge body of knowledge and information here, completely relevant to marketer, media, agency and procurement professionals.

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TrinityP3 Webinars

During the lockdown we organised a number of free webinars covering a range of industry topics, from Building Resilience to Developing Strategy Stories, Growing Your Independent Agency, Unlocking Marketing Performance Post Lockdown, Educating the Marketing Industry and more. You can access the details of each of the webinars and watch the recording here .

Plus, there is more coming including a discussion on agency public relations and maximising agency value and productivity. To find out what is coming up, make sure you check out the Business Events page here .

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TrinityP3 Podcasts

Since 2015, the Managing Marketing podcast has been delivering in-depth conversations with industry subject matter experts and professionals on a wide range of industry issues and topics. In the past few months we have spoken with R/GA’s Rob Campbell on Industry Gaslighting, Jane Evans on the Uninvisibility Project, Sonoo Singh from The Drum on Industry Media, Mark Adams from Vice on human networks over demographics and more.

There are more than 150 episodes to listen to on Soundcloud, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, Tune-In. The starting point is right here . For those not into podcasts, you can read the transcripts by clicking on the link in the podcast title on the page.

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TrinityP3 Articles

The TrinityP3 Blog is increasingly popular. We have had 82,000 page views so far this year. This is across 2,259 published posts. The top post this year has over 3,000 views and many have over 2,000 views in 2020 alone. Average time on page is 4 – 6 minutes. And like you, the people coming to the site are primarily people in marketing, media, advertising and procurement as well as trade media (yes, we know who you are).

In the past few months, we have had a series on Ad Fraud from Dr Augustine Fou, Techniques in Strategy Storytelling from the team at Anecdote, The Agency Accelerators has shared their insights into how smaller agencies can win big clients and of course there is an article for the weekly podcast. You can find it all here .

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