Global Marketing Management Update

13 May 2020

Welcome to the May edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Has anyone else noticed how WFH can make you busier than when you were working in the office? There are the endless Zoom meetings, Slack messages, WhatsApp messages, phone calls, emails. Plus there is no support like you have in the office. Not to mention the hundreds of little distractions around the home that call out to you every minute of every day. They are loudest when you are about to start a task you have been putting off.

Well I don’t want to offer you any more distractions than you are already facing. In fact, quite the opposite. Here are a few things you can do in just a minute and will give you hours of value in the future. So, when you have or need that minute of distraction, here is the opportunity.

One Golden Minute Each Week

A Golden Minute is a weekly sharing of the issues and challenges confronting marketing, media and advertising. In each episode we provide a unique perspective on those issues and offer possible solutions.

In a time poor world, all you need is one minute a week to turn those marketing challenges into golden opportunities. Don’t miss a single episode. Either subscribe to the TrinityP3 YouTube Channel here or stay tuned by bookmarking this page here .

Calculate Hourly Rates In A Minute

If someone is charged out at $400 per hour, what type of salary should they be getting? Find out here with the TrinityP3 Calculators.

Take A Minute With An Infographic

Welcome to our TrinityP3 infographics. Here we share our insights and knowledge on a range of marketing management topics, issues and research with visually appealing and informative infographics. Each one covering advice and information on dealing with particular issues and each one available to embed in your own blog post, email or other communication. Check them all out here .

Register You Agency For New Business In A Minute

Want to win more new business? Then take a minute to register your media, creative, PR, digital, experiential, event, or any type of marketing agency here .

Choose The Perfect Agency Fee Model In A Minute

There are many different agency fee models. But what is the right agency fee model for you? Whether for a media agency, creative agency, a digital agency or more, the TrinityP3 Agency Fee Decision Tree will help you find the right model in under a minute. Check it out here .

Most in Demand for this Month

What have TrinityP3’s consultants been doing this month?

  • Working from home and maintaining social distance at all times

  • Undertaking a major internal alignment project for a national manufacturer

  • Aligning an agency roster to marketing requirements for a health brand

  • Aligning marketing capability and process to strategy for a tertiary education provider

  • Advising on a retail media tender process