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14 October 2020

Welcome to the October edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

For those of you too young to know – this was the fourth line from the 1989 hit “Ice, Ice Baby” by white rapper, the prosaically named Vanilla Ice. But who would have thought that 31 years later in the grip of a pandemic, his call to action would be more relevant than ever before?

With many people working remotely, working from home, working away from colleagues, collaboration is key. Collaboration between marketing and the other functions within the organisation. Collaboration between the various parts of the larger marketing team. And collaboration between the marketing team and the various agencies, marketing suppliers and vendors that make it happen.

In the words of “Robert Matthew Van Winkle” (Vanilla’s birth name) it is time to STOP. Collaborate. And listen. What better way to know where your marketing ecosystem is collaborating – and where it is not – than to implement an online evaluation? Evalu8ing will tell you exactly who is collaborating and who needs help.

While you are reading more about how Evalu8ing your marketing organisation can help you optimise collaboration and performance, you can check out Vanilla Ice’s performance here .

Why clients use Evalu8ing to improve agency collaboration

Like any relationship, one between a client and their agency partners needs commitment, honesty and open communication to encourage performance and collaboration.

In some ways it is just like in marriages. When people get busy and caught up in their own world, these fundamentals of keeping the relationship healthy are often overlooked. But unlike a marriage, marketers will often find themselves managing multiple agencies. And who really wants a polygamous marriage?

Regardless of how strong the relationships are, a third-party tool such as TrinityP3’s Evalu8ing invites everyone to make the time and engage in conversations around the health of a relationship in a way that is positive and productive and leads to stronger partnerships. It’s a bit of good old-fashioned group counselling every 6 months.


Are you Evalu8ing your agency collaboration?

Measure how well your teams are working together and see how they could collaborate more efficiently. Now more than ever collaboration is crucial for business performance and employee satisfaction.

Evalu8ing is a collaboration survey tool that goes beyond just facilitating communication – it provides a total performance evaluation system for collaboration and teamwork.

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Evalu8ing benefits agencies as much as advertisers

Like any relationship, one between a client and any one of its agency partners needs work. Commitment, open communication and ongoing collaboration are just some of the fundamentals that can go astray when workload increases and deadlines loom.

Regardless of how strong a relationship is, a third party tool such as TrinityP3’s Evalu8ing invites everyone to take the time to engage in conversation around the health of a relationship in a way that is positive and productive and leads to stronger partnerships.


Want to find out more on Evalu8ing your collaboration?

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How to use Evalu8ing to increase marketing performance

Marketers are realising that to meet the needs of their marketing strategy they need to have collaborative teams within their marketing organisation and with their agencies. For regional and global marketers, collaboration has also become incredibly important to ensure maximised strategy impact and to reap the benefits of the economies of scale.

While some marketers use Evalu8ing to manage their agency relationships and their performance, there is also a growing number of marketers using Evalu8ing to measure and manage the marketing function in their organisation within markets, across regions and around the globe.

Here are four case studies that demonstrate some of the various ways’ marketers have been using Evalu8ing to increase marketing performance within their organisations and with their agency suppliers.


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