Global Marketing Management Update

2 February 2022

Welcome to the February edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger. The tiger is known as the king of all beasts in China and is associated with bravery, confidence and strength. Now, with two years of pandemic behind us, and further uncertainty around new variants, we find ourselves confronted with political and economic issues on multiple fronts. It is looking like we will need all the bravery, confidence and strength we can muster.

Western economies are showing increased inflation, driven by monetary policies to support the economy through the worst of the pandemic. This is driving up historically low interest rates and tightening monetary policy globally.

The pandemic has also increased dissatisfaction in the workplace, with an unprecedented number of employees resigning for a better life and opportunities, with a corresponding tightening of the labour market and – importantly for marketing – talent market.

On top of this, throw in the political tensions between Russia and Ukraine and China and Taiwan, and you have a soup of uncertainty that will challenge us all through 2022.

But while we do not have the answer to these huge problems, we can offer some solutions to some of the challenges this will present to you in the coming 12 months.

With agency costs on the rise, what should advertisers do?

Believe it not, advertisers have generally enjoyed a stable and relatively low cost for agency services for more than a decade. While it may not feel like it on a case-by-case basis, with many advertisers going to pitch to try and procure lower agency fees, the fact is that in many of the developed markets, agency salaries have remained relatively stable, often not even keeping up with cost-of-living inflation. But this situation is about to change.

With reports of agency salaries increasing by 20% or more, it will not be long before you have a call from your agency to talk about fees. Or if your agency contracts are coming up for renewal soon, then you need to be prepared. Find out how here .

Bring good fortune to your career

The Year of the Water Tiger is time to invest in yourself. Become a Marketing Mentor. Or find yourself a Marketing Mentor.

Find out more here

How can marketing fulfill the corporate sustainability agenda?

COP26 was held in Glasgow in October 2021 to enable the world’s political leaders to exchange views on climate change and agree on a schedule to tackle it. It was a high profile event billed as ‘the last best chance’ for the world to control global temperature rises and reduce their resulting effects on climate.

Less coverage was given to the role played by the business world at the conference, but the impact on companies is hugely significant – big businesses will be legally required to commit to sustainable business models and report their progress annually against targets. This leads to the question – how will this evolving requirement impact marketing? Find out how here .

Bring prosperity to your agency

Is your agency profile up to date? Or have you forgotten to create your free profile on the Agency Register? Time to get ready for a year of new business with TrinityP3. Perhaps even organise a consultant visit to your agency.

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What is causing all the agency pitches and reviews at the moment?

You are probably surprised that a pitch consultant is questioning why it is that this year we’ve already seen an unprecedented number of reviews being called. Why are we not simply busy taking the work and being thankful for it after the impact of the pandemic?

But it is interesting to see a large number of pitches this year, considering that unless it’s a corporate governance requirement, global realignment or competitive conflict, calling an agency review isn’t something most clients undertake lightly.

For sure, this year is different. And we think there are four major factors that are creating the current conditions for reviews. Find out more here .

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