Marketing Management Update

2 September 2020

Welcome to the September edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

When we started the TrinityP3 blog back in 2006, there were a lot of people, especially competitors, who suggested that we were giving away the secret sauce. Sharing so much of our knowledge and insights on our website, they thought it would make us redundant. Today there are 2,400 articles on the blog covering everything in marketing management. From agency selection and tenders to environmental impact of marketing, ethics in procurement and so much more. But the blog is not the only way we share our knowledge and insights. In fact, we have developed a wide range of knowledge assets that we make available free to the industry. Podcasts, webinars, white papers, industry polls, calculators and more. So why do we do this? Because it is our purpose. It is in our name and in everything we do. P3 – helping people achieve commercial purpose through creative process. Those people are the ‘trinity’ in Trinity P3. The marketers and advertisers. The agencies and suppliers. And management and procurement. Our purpose is to ensure we improve the marketing output (productivity and performance) of every single organisation that engages us. So, please feel free to make use of the knowledge we share here, freely.

Industry Webinars

During this year, we have hosted a range of free webinars. Actually, it was not a new idea. A couple of years back we held a series of industry webinars on issues such as agency remuneration trends, transparency and trust in media, production in the 21st century, marketing in a carbon constrained future and more. For this series of webinars, to support our clients and friends during the pandemic, we also went beyond our own TrinityP3 resources. We included webinars with many of our colleagues and associates in the industry on topics such as Strategy Storytelling, growing independent agencies, public relations for agencies, educating marketing and more. You can find summaries and the full recordings of all of our industry webinars here . Let us know if there are any topics you would like us to cover too.

Managing Marketing Podcast

Listen to conversations on managing marketing with industry experts and practitioner here .

White Papers

Over the years, we have covered a huge range of marketing management topics either as an article on the blog, or a podcast, or a webinar etc. But every so often, there is a topic that just needs a deep dive to consolidate all of our knowledge and insights into one place. This is the purpose of our TrinityP3 White Papers. To bring together, under one ‘roof’, a selection of work dealing with specific issues facing marketing, media, advertising and marketing procurement. We have covered pitching for start-ups, measuring workloads for creative and media agencies, how to approach media value and performance and so much more. You can download any of these White Papers here for free. We hope you find these White Papers useful, and we welcome any feedback.

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Industry Polls

While we work with a wide range of clients, agencies, tech and marketing suppliers across marketing, media and advertising, our TrinityP3 Industry Polls give the wider industry an opportunity to be counted on the issues we believe are of interest or importance. Each month we post a new poll to test the temperature of the market and get feedback on a wide range of industry topics. We have covered everything from pitching and agency fees, AI and collaboration, media measurement and ad fraud, in-housing and so much more. Now, do not think for a moment this is a robust research sample, but it does provide an interesting and sometimes surprising insight into the sentiment in the industry across a wide range of topics. Check it out and have your say here . If there is a topic you would like us to poll, please let us know.

What’s hot

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