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20 January 2021

Welcome to the January edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

What a rollercoaster ride 2020 turned out to be. It was certainly time for personal and professional reflection. Interestingly, from the lows earlier in the year, with about 80% of our projects disappearing in one week, the year has actually seen the business bounce back with a vengeance.

We were back at work from January 4 and busy with a wide range of projects. There are a handful of pitches, but more interestingly, we are also helping quite a few clients align their structures, capabilities and processes to their adjusted strategy. The ubiquitous PIVOT of 2020 has many marketers realising this is the opportunity to review and align their ways of working to deliver on this new strategic direction.

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution? Did you know that according to Forbes, 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail? Now when it comes to getting fit or saving money, the consequences of failure can be small. But what about when it comes to your career? What is the consequence of career failure? Particularly in marketing?

Is this the year you want to secure that promotion? Or change jobs? Or start your own business? Or move positions? Or simply better understand one of the many different aspects of marketing to make you more valuable to your team? We have a solution to make sure your resolution does not fall flat in 2021.

Can a Marketing Mentor help you achieve your career goals this year?

Last year, the year of WFH, it became increasingly difficult for people to find a mentor and stay connected. Yet one of the best ways to advance your career is engaging with the right mentor. So, we piloted a Marketing Mentors program last year in Australia. One hundred and fifty people from a wide range of marketing roles participated in the program and successfully found themselves a Marketing Mentor.

This year we have launched the Marketing Mentor program once again. But first, here are the insights and the lessons we learnt from the pilot program last year. It was a hugely successful pilot. Not just because of the feedback from everyone participating, but because of the valuable insights it gave us into what makes a successful mentoring program. Read all about it here .

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Bringing diversity, inclusion, philanthropy and environmental sustainability to the agency selection process

2020 was a unique year. For marketers and their agencies, it was a time of working together through the uncertainty. Making plans to survive the immediate crisis and then to pivot, where needed, to take advantage of the emerging norms.

The issues around diversity, inclusion, environmental sustainability and ethical and responsible corporate behaviour, which have been fermenting and rising for more than a decade, broke through. At a time when people were confronted by the threat and impact of a global pandemic, many took the opportunity to highlight their concerns.

In our own small way, we took it upon ourselves to do the same and find ways of supporting these global trends for equality and inclusion, because we believe in the power of advertising and marketing to lead by example. Find out more about this here .

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Punk vs Legacy – our most popular post to date

Possibly our most engaging post of the year, and it is still January. But in November last year, Jeremy Taylor, UK Managing Director, participated in the AdForum Consultants Summit. Held virtually across two weeks, Jeremy sat through presentations and briefings from many of the best and the biggest agencies and agency networks in the world.

Jeremy wrote about his experience and the observations and insights and the post, when shared on LinkedIn, really resonated with many in the industry. What he observed was 2020 had seen a notable rise in the fortunes of a new generation of independent advertising agencies around the world. Having watched many different agency groups and independents presenting their credentials, some clear trends are apparent in different operating models and principles of the established networks and their new rivals.

To illustrate what this means and how it affects advertisers, makes the analogy of ‘Punk vs Legacy’ – the revolution in rock music in the 1970s. Read all about it here .

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