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21 July 2021

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The agency selection process can be the most exciting, challenging and frustrating process for marketers, agencies and procurement teams. TrinityP3 has been helping clients with successful agency selection for over 20 years now, so it stands to reason that we might know a thing or two about the process.

While a marketer may manage no more than one or two pitches a year, we have managed hundreds of pitches during the past two decades. And from that experience we know that no two pitches are exactly the same.

While agencies may pitch for more business, we also know that participating in a pitch and managing the process are two very different experiences. Like the proverbial iceberg, perhaps 10% is visible to the agencies, while 90% of the effort and expertise is below the surface and in the background, ensuring a successful outcome.

And while we readily agree that procurement teams have more experience in managing tenders, few have the opportunity to immerse themselves exclusively in the advertising, media and marketing world on a daily basis to understand the nuance of insight we bring to the process.

This knowledge and insights all come together in this definitive guide that answers every question you are likely to ever have about pitches and agency selection. Available here .

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Introduction – Agency Selection: Going Beyond the Process

Chapter 1 – The Definition of Successful Agency Selection

Chapter 2 – Agency Selection Beginnings: Choosing the Candidates

Chapter 3 – Agency Assessment, from Start to Finish

Chapter 4 – Pitching Pitches, Debunked by the Pitch consultants

Chapter 5 – What do you Really Want? When Pitching is or is Not the Answer

Chapter 6 – The Pitch Consultant’s Answer to BHPQs – ‘Big Hairy Pitch Questions’

Chapter 7 – Summary: The Integrity of the Pitch Consultant

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