Global Marketing Management Update

22 December 2021

Welcome to the December edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

What a year. At least we are going into this holiday period with slightly more certainty than last year. Nevertheless, the past two years have been a challenge for everyone, and we know most of you are looking to a well-earned rest and celebration. Time to reconnect with family, friends and loved ones.

TrinityP3 is taking time off over the holidays and looking forward to some rest and recreation. But we will be back rested and restored and ready to take on the challenges of 2022. Predictions of another roaring 20s, reminiscent of the last century sounds optimistic. So, make sure you take the time to get ready for another wild ride.

In the meantime, we have assembled some suggestions to entertain, inform and prepare you for the New Year during the holidays. Season’s greetings to you all and a safe and happy, happy holiday.

Catch up on some easy listening

Managing Marketing is a weekly podcast hosted by the marketing subject matter experts at TrinityP3 Global Marketing Management Consultants.

With more than 200 episodes, each episode is a conversation with a thought leader, professional or practitioner of marketing and communications on the issues, insights and opportunities in the marketing management category.

Ideal for marketers, advertisers, media and commercial communications professionals.

Listen to or, if you prefer, read them all, here .

Trinity P3 Closing for the Holidays

TrinityP3 is closing today for the holidays and a well-earned rest. We open again on January 10, 2022. But in emergencies we can be contacted here .

Make your Mentoring New Year resolution

This year the Marketing Mentor program went from strength to strength, with more than 120 marketing professionals enrolled as mentors, mentees or both.

If mentoring is central to your New Year resolutions, then join a community of professionals working in marketing, media and advertising in Australia and New Zealand.

Choose the mentors and the mentees you want to work with from the community of professionals.

Share your knowledge, grow your network, build your profile and develop your skills within a community of like-minded marketing professionals.

Find out more or sign up here .

Santa Claus is coming to Marketing

Want to get into the holiday spirit? Listen to what Santa had to say when he stopped by to have a chat on Managing Marketing here .

Watch something entertaining and educational

So you have binged everything on Netflix, Prime and Binge. When you find yourself scrolling past the ‘For You’ videos on Tik Tok, and tired of Insta Reels and the Twitch streams, then here is an alternative for you.

A Golden Minute is a weekly sharing of the issues and challenges confronting marketing, media and advertising. In each episode we provide a unique perspective on those issues and offer possible solutions. In a time-poor world, all you need is one minute to turn those marketing challenges into golden opportunities. Watch it here .

Paid media and media advertising are an increasingly complex ecosystem. Here you can find a frank, straight forward perspective on the issues impacting media planning and buying. Media Minutes is what you need to invest into better understanding the state of the media industry from advertiser to media owner and back. Watch it here .

Relax On the Couch and catch up with industry experts and practitioners as we discuss and solve the problems of the marketing world today. Watch it here .

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