Global Marketing Management Update

22 July 2020

Welcome to the July edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

There is a lot of talk about returning to a new normal post COVID-19. In the face of uncertainty, organisations will need to look for opportunities to pivot to take advantage of emerging trends. This means marketing will also need to pivot marketing strategy to build brand value and drive growth. But beyond the communications strategy, how does the marketing strategy translate across the organisation to manage customer experience?

Developing and implementing a strategy story allows you powerfully to communicate strategy in a way that makes it stick and gets alignment across the whole organisation.

How to make your strategy stick with a Strategy Story

A recent global study of 450 enterprises found that 80% of those companies felt their people did not understand their strategies very well. It’s the dirty little secret shared by so many companies: ask any employee about your strategy, including the executive team, and they’ll lunge for a document that tells them. It’s rarely embedded in their minds and, as a result, the espoused strategy does not influence day-to-day decision-making. Given the effort applied to strategy development, there is a massive disconnect here. The opportunity to reconnect a firm with its marketing strategy lies in how this strategy is communicated and understood. Find out how here .

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A Strategy Story does more than communicate your strategy

Anecdote have now completed roughly 50 strategy stories for some of the great brand names across the globe, including Shell, Allianz, Danone, IBM, Coca-Cola, KPMG, Microsoft and Chevron. Time and again they discover executive teams who didn’t have a strong grasp of their strategy, or worse, they just assumed that everyone was on the same page – right up until they asked them to explain various elements of the strategy, at which point it became clear that each person had a slightly different take on it.

Here they explore some of the benefits you get from crafting and sharing a strategy story. Find out more here .

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Stop presenting the strategy and start communicating it

As we come through this unprecedented global crisis and 2020 truly begins, many leaders will be confidently presenting new strategies as we enter a new world of post-COVID-19 and most people will be wearily dismissing them. This scenario is not unusual. Leaders plan in methodical ways, using efficient corporate language they feel they own and which they incorporate into weighty documents. However, when it comes to communicating a strategy, most efforts fall flat.

Leaders are often heavily invested in the creation part, with comparatively little effort spent on the communications side. This is a travesty given what’s at stake – the very success of a strategy relies on people at all levels ‘getting it’ and being clear on ways that they can personally contribute. Find out more here .

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  • Developing and implementing an optimised roster model for a national financial services marketer

  • Benchmarking global agency remuneration arrangements for a tourism marketer

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