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25 May 2022

Welcome to the May edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Over the past more than two decades, marketing and advertising has evolved significantly, driven by increased availability of data as a product of digital technology advancement. During this time, we have been working with major marketing and advertising organisations to develop more effective ways to optimise their productivity and performance. The secret sauce we develop along the way we share with the industry.

We have developed a wide range of knowledge assets that we make available free to the industry. Podcasts, webinars, white papers, industry polls, calculators and more. So why do we do this? Because it is our purpose. It is in our name and in everything we do. P3 – helping people achieve commercial purpose through creative process . Those people are the ‘trinity’ in Trinity P3. The marketers and advertisers. The agencies and suppliers. And finance and procurement.

Our purpose is to ensure we improve the marketing output (productivity and performance) of every single organisation that engages us. So, please feel free to make use of the knowledge and wisdom we share here.

The Wisdom Centre

When we started writing and sharing articles for the TrinityP3 website back in 2006, there were a lot of people, especially competitors, who suggested that we were giving away the secret sauce. Sharing so much of our knowledge and insights on our website, they thought it would make us redundant.

Today there are close to 3,000 articles covering everything in marketing management. From agency selection and tenders to the environmental impact of marketing, agency fees and benchmarking, and so much more. Feel free to explore the archive using the search function to unearth some timeless insights here .

How much does a pitch cost?

Find out with the Pitch Cost Calculator. This calculates the cost for the agencies. Enter the pitch duration, the number of agencies invited and shortlisted and the average hourly agency cost to get the result.

Test it out for yourself here

The Conversation Centre

How many conversations about marketing and advertising do you have in a day? Then imagine how many conversations we have had on these topics over the past two decades. In 2015 we started recording the best of these conversations for the Managing Marketing podcast.

The podcast is a weekly conversation hosted by the marketing subject matter experts at TrinityP3, with a thought-leader, professional or practitioner in marketing and communications on the issues, insights, and opportunities in the marketing management category. With more than 250 conversations, we can explore the many and varied aspects of marketing management from a unique perspective, making them ideal for marketers, advertisers, media, and commercial communications professionals.

You can listen for yourself here .

How do your agency fees compare?

Compare your agency rate card and hourly rates across hundreds of roles and charges with Ad Cost Checker .

The Guidance Centre

When exploring unfamiliar or uncharted territory, it is wise to take a guide with you to help you navigate the way safely and productively. Therefore, we have developed a range of comprehensive guides on the topics for which many marketers and their procurement teams come to us for advice. These guides are in-depth, but easy to use and provide a comprehensive view of the landscape and issues that need to be considered before entering.

There are two industry guides to choose from:

Agency Selection: The pitch consultant’s definitive guide

Advertising Agency Fees – A definitive guide for marketing

You can read them online or download a pdf version to read and refer to later.

What’s hot

Here are the most read, most shared and most commented on articles from the TrinityP3 blog in the past month:

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