Marketing Management Update

28 October 2020

Welcome to the October edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Advertising and media agency pitches are running hot. The trade media and agencies are reporting a pitchapalooza. But with the disruption of the COVID-19 Pandemic and working remotely and WFH, there are more considerations and more decisions to be made.

To pitch or not to pitch? Remote pitching or face-to-face? Independent or network solution? Is it a tier one agency you need? Or is a tier two or three agency needed? And what does that even mean?

As if pitching your business for advertisers and winning new business for agencies was not complex enough. We can help you navigate the complexity of the pandemic. The solutions and the answers start here.

Choosing an advertising agency. Global or local? Network or Independent?

We’ve noticed a distinct recent trend in global markets for advertisers to request, consider and appoint local independent agencies, rather than going for the big networks. Good news for the local agencies, but we wondered what is behind the shift.

Every advertising agency usually claims that it would prefer to be judged by the standards of its work, either through its creative impact or by its effectiveness. However, quite clearly there are other selection criteria for clients. Here is a quick look at the headline benefits of working with the two types of agency, to help you along the decision process.

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To pitch or not to pitch takes on a whole new context during the Covid-19 pandemic

What a time to be what the industry calls a “pitch consultant”. While we do a lot more than run pitches, the trade media headlines would suggest it is not a great time to run pitches. “The rule book has been ripped up” and “How to pitch for new business with Zoom” reduce the decision to a yes or a no.

The fact is that taking agencies to pitch is never a decision taken lightly, but during a pandemic, any responsible marketer would need to question that course of action significantly. Except of course if the pitch was a necessity.

At the start of the year (which feels like a lifetime ago) we had a number of pitches under management. As the implications of the Covid-19 disease became evident, decisions were made about what to do next. Here is what we have discovered so far.

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What tier is your advertising agency? What tier agency do you need?

One of the often-confusing discussions is around the classification of advertising agencies. I don’t mean what they do – Media, Creative, Experiential, PR etc. – though that is often confusing too. I am talking about the process of tiering the agencies. A tier one agency as opposed to a tier two or three. Conversations with advertisers will become particularly confusing when they say they want a tier-one agency but at a tier-three price.

Confusion also arises because there are several ways of tiering agencies. Of course, if you ask an agency team what tier they are, ego dictates most would answer tier one. But the fact is there are plenty of reasons why it would be beneficial for an agency not to be tier one. This depends of course on how you classify agency tiers.


Most in Demand for this Month

What have TrinityP3’s consultants been doing this month?

  • Managing a hybrid agency tender process for an insurance marketer

  • Aligning an agency roster to the changed marketing requirements of a national retail and service brand

  • Helping a not-for-profit organisation focus its marketing activities and align its agency partnerships

  • Providing an independent commercial assessment of an advertiser’s relationship with its incumbent media agency in place of a tender process

  • Assisting with agency transition for a national brand