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31 March 2021

Welcome to the March edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Do you have a mentor? Have you ever been a mentor? Mentoring has, in the past, been a hit or miss affair. Sometimes the mentoring relationships can be incredibly rewarding and productive. Other times not so. Last year, at the height of the pandemic, TrinityP3 Founder and global CEO, Darren Woolley piloted a mentoring program for the marketing industry in Australia and New Zealand with 150 marketing professional participating and creating a community of Marketing Mentors. The result was phenomenal and the feedback invaluable.

The Marketing Mentor program is back and better and stronger than ever. Using the MentorCloud platform through The Mentor Evolution , the Marketing Mentor program puts the participants in control as it guides you through the platform to achieve your person, career and professional goals.

This week, we share the results and lessons of that mentoring pilot and invite you or your friends and colleagues in the wider marketing profession to join us in this community of Marketing Mentors here .

How mentoring can help you achieve your career goals

Last year, the year of WFH, it became increasingly difficult for people to find a mentor and stay connected. Yet one of the best ways to advance your career is engaging with the right mentor. So, we piloted a Marketing Mentors program last year in Australia. One hundred and fifty people from a wide range of marketing roles participated in the program and successfully found themselves a Marketing Mentor.

Of the people in the Marketing Mentor program, the majority of the participants reported benefits including personal growth and development, growing and developing others, expanding professional networks and enhancing industry relationships, with 100% reporting an intention to continue with the program beyond the pilot. Find out why here .

Find yourself a Marketing Mentor

Want to start the year with a marketing mentor? Or to be a marketing mentor? Then find out more

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Lessons from piloting an industry wide mentoring program

For the past 4 months, we have been piloting an industry-based mentoring scheme for Australian marketing. When I say marketing, I mean this in the broadest sense of the term. It is marketing, media, advertising, ad tech and martech, design and every other related discipline.

Why? Read the answer here .

Become a Marketing Mentor?

Want to give back to your community and profession by becoming a Marketing Mentor? Then find out more

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What Disney Pixar’s movie ‘Soul’ teaches us about mentoring

Over the holiday period, a new movie from Pixar/Disney dropped into the streaming channel, titled ‘Soul’. ‘Soul’ is not your typical kiddie fare. The story deals with death, the afterlife, life purpose and mentoring.

What I was particularly interested in was how mentoring was portrayed in the film. The reason is that there appear to be some myths about mentoring that just are not true when it comes to the Marketing Mentor program. Issues like: What makes a good mentor? What happens if you get a mentor who is not the right fit? When is it best to get a mentor? Read more here .

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