Global Marketing Management Update

4 March 2020

Welcome to the March edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

March 8 is International Women’s Day with the theme “Let’s all be each for equal” #eachforequal. Advertising continues to face challenges in recruiting women into leadership roles – especially in the creative area, providing opportunities for sustainable work / life balance, dealing with issues of sexual harassment and sexual assault, closing the pay gap between women and men and providing career opportunities for women (and men) later in their careers. These are important issues the industry is facing and which – if solved – would go a long way to delivering equality for all.

We wanted to highlight some of the women who are important to our business and to share some of the ways we continue to support and champion women in business. Like all business, there is more we can do and will do. But today we want to thank those women who bring value to our micro-multinational consulting business.

Lydia Feely – Managing Director Evalu8ing

Lydia brings unique insights and perspective to driving results through improved collaboration and business engagement. With over 20 years’ experience working with large corporates in Australia and the UK, Lydia has a proven record of developing new and innovative approaches to driving performance.

Her experience in managing, observing and advising across all aspects of these relationships and processes combined with her research into client/ agency relationships whilst completing her Master of Business – Marketing, places Lydia at the forefront of helping businesses achieve better business results through improved collaboration and engagement. Joined TrinityP3 in 2007.


Benchmark your agency fees by role not gender

The pay gap between men and women means women are paid 79 cents for every dollar a man is paid for the same role and work. But by principle TrinityP3 provides agency fee benchmarks that are gender neutral. Find out the charge out rates for hundreds of roles across more than 20 international markets here using Ad Cost Checker.

Gunyapak Kothum – Senior Consultant

With a Masters Degree in Mass Communication and experience working on Consumer Package Goods, Financial Services, Construction Suppliers, Professional Services and more, in Thailand and across South East Asian. Pym originally qualified with a Bachelor Degree in Food Science and Technology working in research for UNICEF in the Nutrition Institute before qualifying and transitioning her career focus to marketing.

Her analytical approach, practical hands on project management skills and experience in managing marketing teams across the region means that Pym brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the work with TrinityP3 clients. Joined TrinityP3 in 2018.


Supporting Women With Agency

Women owned businesses receive just 1% of global procurement. TrinityP3 is supporting the Women With Agency initiative to identify and encourage greater opportunities for women entrepreneurs. If you are a Women Owned Agency simply add the hashtag #womenwithagency to your Agency Register profile here .

so we can actively search and represent Women Owned Agencies for our clients.

Read more on this here

Kylie Ridler–Dutton – Senior Consultant

Kylie is a consulting specialist with implementation experience spanning across retail, alcohol, utilities, FMCG, telecommunications, government and technology. For the past 18 years, Kylie has worked in various agencies in both Melbourne and Sydney as a Client Services Director, managing the development and implementation of a wide range of global brands.

Having managed a number of agency teams in her career with an ability to nurture talent and lead team development, Kylie saw a natural alignment with the philosophy of TrinityP3 and an interest in assisting marketers with her agency experience. Kylie brings to TrinityP3 a wealth of marketing knowledge, an ability to efficiently manage projects and build strong stakeholder relationships, ensuring maximum benefit to clients. Joined TrinityP3 in 2014.


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