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8 June 2022

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There is the odd occasion when marketers find themselves needing to change one or more of their agency relationships at the same time. Not that you would ever choose to do this. The pitch process, done right, takes time. The question is, do you do one at a time or all at once?

There is a technique we have developed called the Composite Pitch that turns these circumstances into a huge benefit for marketers. Running a composite pitch can result in the selection of key agencies that are not only best in their class, but specifically selected through the process for their ability to collaborate.

The Composite Pitch

Some marketers reach the conclusion that to move on they have to change everything – creative agency, media agency, PR agency, roster model – you name it, they want to change it. The trouble comes when these grand plans meet cold reality. Things change, sure – but in unexpected ways. An agency roster is typically full of interdependencies. Change one element and everything else shifts around accordingly. Find out more here .

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Changing all you agencies at once

Running an agency review is time-consuming and disruptive at the best of times. But imagine you want not only to review your media agency, but also your creative agency and your digital agency. And you want to do it all at the same time. What are the pros and cons of undertaking the agency reviews concurrently versus consecutively? Find out more here .

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Three case studies on the composite pitch.

You are probably familiar with a creative agency pitch. Or a media agency pitch. Or a digital agency pitch. Or a PR Pitch. Or an experiential agency pitch. But what is the process when you need to select an agency that can provide all of your needs? The industry talks about full service agencies, but it is increasingly difficult to find either a single agency that can deliver a complete range of services or a composite of agencies that will work together to provide these services. Find out more here .

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