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9 June 2021

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Marketing is such a broadly defined and diverse category. Beyond the core of those actually working in a marketing department, there are many more working in roles that are part of the marketing mix. One of the most visible is advertising, and the various agencies in the industry, including creative, media and digital. Then there are the media owners and publishers and their sales teams, the advertising platforms along with the multitude of associated ad tech and martech companies. There is corporate comms, public relations and content creators in a multitude of forms. There are market research companies and data analytics companies, brand design, customer experience and more.

The point is that beyond the visible measures of diversity – being gender, culture and age – there is a huge range of cognitive diversity too. Experience, expertise and perspective on marketing is as diverse as the roles that can be defined as marketing. This is one of the core reasons that the Marketing Mentor program exists. The purpose of the program is to create a diverse community of marketing practitioners, where you can connect with anyone. The program is open to anyone who defines themselves as working in marketing and you can choose to be a mentor, to find a mentor or both. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

HEAR: About the power of mentoring in marketing

This Managing Marketing podcast is a conversation with Simone Allan, Founder and CEO of Mondo Search and the joint founder of The Mentor Evolution, the mentoring platform of the TrinityP3 Marketing Mentor program.

Simone shares her passionate belief in mentoring as the ideal way for individuals to enrich and develop their careers both as a mentor and a mentee. She also talks about the ability of mentoring to foster and encourage diversity in thought, beliefs and practices by creating sharing and inclusive communities.

Listen to the podcast or read the transcript here .

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READ: About the experience of a Marketing Mentor

Read the first-hand experience and perspective of one mentor of the Marketing Mentor program.

“I joined the pilot program as a mentor to be a sounding board.

Some people confuse mentoring with coaching. They’re actually quite different. I define coaching as more about getting someone to a specific goal – which is more about measuring performance.

Whereas mentoring is more advisory in nature – sharing wisdom. Taking a more holistic approach to someone’s career and offering tips and advice where appropriate based on questions or challenges that a mentee may have.

For me, mentoring is more about listening and encouraging. And tends to transcend the career focus only”.

Read more about Anton Buchner’s experience as a Marketing Mentor here .

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SEE: How a Marketing Mentor can help your career

Mentoring is not new and there have been mentoring programs both formal and informal over the years. But with the continuation of WFH and the increasing complexity of the challenges facing marketing, how could a marketing mentor help you?

So, we ran an industry poll which asked “How could a mentor help your marketing career?” Read the results here .

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