Anton Buchner

Anton Buchner

Senior Marketing Consultant

“How best to balance long and short-term marketing strategies?”

Anton brings over 25 years experience in assisting marketers to make more sense of the long and the short of marketing in an era of increasing accountability

He works with marketers to unearth what’s performing versus what’s not. By analysing a marketing ecosystem to unearth how teams are structured, how capabilities and skillsets are being utilised, and identifying the technologies and processes that are helping gain greater efficiency versus hindering.

Anton has worked with some of the largest global and local clients through to mid market and start-ups, including: AMEX, Lifeblood, Optus, The University of Sydney, Tourism Australia, Tourism NZ, Virgin Mobile, VW and Westpac to name a few.

With a sharp eye, Anton will cut to the chase to help you improve your approach to long and short term marketing.

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