Julian Barrans

Julian Barrans

Business Director ASIA

Julian has worked as a business, marketing and branding professional for over 20 years, with more than half of that time in the APAC region, working both client side and agency side.

Having completed his Business Studies Degree with a specialization in Marketing, he started his career in the Advertising Industry in the UK and Japan, with agencies such as Bates and Lintas working across diverse business categories that took him to senior management roles.

Then he went client side in Senior Marketing, Innovation and Country/Business Management roles, with Masterfoods, in South East Asia, Australia and the USA. After a spell with TNS, as global marketing head, based out of the UK he returned to Asia with Interbrand as MD covering South East Asia.

This has led him to work with a wide breadth of cultures and different business environments where the challenges are different but the end game of growth and profit the same.

He is a creative business leader who truly understands the importance of team building, working with the right partners as well as making decisions based on sound business practices and thinking.

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