Kylie Ridler – Dutton

Kylie Ridler – Dutton

Senior Global Consultant

July 2024 marks 10 years Kylie has been with the TrinityP3 gang, working as a consulting specialist on a global client base.

With implementation experience spanning across retail, alcohol, utilities, government, telecommunications and technology. Prior to this for 18 years, Kylie had worked in various agencies in both Melbourne and Sydney working her way into senior management roles within network and independent agencies managing the development and implementation of a wide range of global brands and agency teams.

Kylie’s strength is planning, ensuring her involvement from the onset of a project and familiarising herself within all areas of a clients business. This ensures all requirements are included to their full potential, maximising clients’ return on investment. As well as being client- focused, Kylie welcomes the challenge of making sure the best practice tools are being used by honing in on the best tailored fit processes to assist both client ana agency teams in delivering great work and building strong relationships with clients and agencies for long term outcomes.

Having managed a number of agency teams in her career with an ability to nurture talent and lead team development, Kylie saw a natural alignment with the philosophy of TrinityP3 and an interest in assisting marketers with her agency experience. Kylie brings to TrinityP3 an ability to efficiently manage projects and build strong stakeholder relationships, ensuring maximum benefit to clients and their businesses.

Over the past ten years Kylie has built strong industry relationships client and agency alike and her commitment to communication transparency has been the key to many successful long term relationships.

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