At TrinityP3 we are inspired by the power of marketing to change cultures, change behaviours, change perceptions – to change the world. But too often, the potential of marketing goes unrealised due to confused objectives, a shortage of resources, and a thousand other obstacles.

Back in mid-2015, when I was considering starting a podcast, I decided the topic was to be how to manage the marketing process to achieve the full potential that marketing delivers. The idea was to have the kinds of conversations that we rarely get the time to have, about the possibilities offered by marketing, and the many challenges facing marketing, media and advertising today.

The popularity of the Managing Marketing podcast, which you can follow on SoundCloud or iTunes, is testament to the quality of the conversations we are having. Rather than a session being treated as an interview, based on a series of questions, the discussion starts and then flows around topics of interest to the guest.

In January 2020 we launched the first book of those conversation to acknowledge TrinityP3’s 20th year in business and to celebrate those marketers and advertising professionals who contribute to making marketing great.