Internal & External Supplier Sustainability Assessment

(How to ensure all of your marketing processes are sustainability compliant)

Are looking for a sustainability policy that is beyond just having recycling bins in the office? Do you have a benchmark of where your marketing team’s environmental understanding and practice is today so you can plan to improve it tomorrow? Is there sufficient rigor around environmental behaviour in your third party marketing purchasing activities? Are you at risk by association that one of your marketing suppliers is causing undisclosed and unnecessary harm to the environment?

At TrinityP3 we work with our clients to ensure that they have a robust long-term environmental platform, ensuring the marketing team has the understanding and tools to review, assess and manage both internal process and external suppliers.

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Unless tackled efficiently, managing a sustainability strategy can require additional resources. With so many organisations working with siloed internal structures and associated decentralised marketing, it is not unusual for each marketing unit to develop individual processes, internal and external relationships and strategic marketing requirements. The opportunity is to ensure all of these reflect the sustainability policy of the business. TrinityP3 can help you achieve this.


There are a number of reasons we are engaged to do this work, which include:

  1. To de-risk the existing company marketing purchasing practices to ensure they align with the sustainability aims of the business.
  2. To build clearer communication of desired process across all internal and external stakeholders
  3. To develop sustainability reduction targets and increase compliance, monitoring and reporting.

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We obtain a detailed understanding of the current organisational structure, marketing spend and key processes, comparing these with the strategic and tactical requirements of the marketer through interviews with stakeholders. We analyse structure for capability duplication / gaps / opportunities, resource allocation and delivery of immediate future requirements. Finally we provide recommendations on possible alternative models for discussion and suggested implementation options.


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