Sustainable Production Assessment

(How to determine the sustainability impact of your production processes)

Is the sustainability advice you are being given on goods and services coming from your suppliers? Or is it independent of the transactional process? Can you guarantee that the recommendations given by your marketing partners on environmental matters are not based more on commercial considerations? Is the knowledge of sustainable best practice inconsistent across the wider marketing team? What problems are out there that you do not understand?

TrinityP3 are the independent experts on sustainable production in marketing. It is difficult to stay abreast of the possible environmental landmines that await marketers with the growing complexity of content creation and channel proliferation. TrinityP3 can review your current contracts, production partners and plans to help you better manage any future risk to your business.

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Having a clearer picture of your current marketing communication emissions today means you can make longer-term plans for tomorrow. Reducing your carbon emissions too early will not damage your business. Quite the contrary, it will improve your corporate value, both financially as well as environmentally.

By spot-checking the carbon emissions in your media plans and/or content concepts you can easily see how well your marketing processes are aligned to your sustainability aims.

By highlighting the proposed emissions and identifying any key issues associated with the production or media planning, you can ensure both internal processes and external providers understand how you are building towards a long-term sustainability strategy.


There are a number of reasons we are engaged to do this work, which include:

  1. To ensure that the media mix you are approving is in-line with your long-term sustainability policy.
  2. To assist in understanding the strategy and communicating this requirement across your media partners.
  3. Identifying sustainability issues associated with production for consideration.

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Using independently-verified carbon factors, we assess the existing cost and concept proposals highlighting emissions and identifying issues for consideration.

This can be undertaken across all media channels as well as agency and external costs associated with the production of television, radio, newspaper, magazine, outdoor, direct mail, web solutions, social, brochures and publications.

To undertake these assessments, TrinityP3 would require the proposed creative layouts, scripts, copy, storyboards and the associated proposed costs in agency estimate format with external estimates if available.


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