Sustainable Marketing Strategy Alignment

(How to align your marketing strategy to a corporate sustainability objective)

Does your company have a stated environmental policy? Is this policy clearly articulated within the organisation? Has the communications strategy changed to reflect the business’s sustainable ambition? Are you open to social media criticism that you do not practice what you preach? Would an audit on your marketing communication show it to be aligned with industry best practice stewardship?

We work with our clients to review their communication strategies to ensure they are aligned and support the business or organisational environmental policies to deliver the results required.

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Sustainability policies and reporting are now embedded within major corporates – especially any that feature on the Dow Jones 500 sustainability index. Guidelines and monitoring are being introduced in all aspects of business activities within the boundaries that come under their direct control.

Marketing generally falls outside these boundaries, but drives both product and buying decisions and also directly affects brand image, reputation and value. Therefore, it is important for any company that wishes to have a sustainable business model to have a comprehensive understanding of the environmental impact of its substantial marketing expenditure.

The independent sustainability audit gives you a complete picture of your marketing supply chain and its environmental impact.


There are a number of reasons we are engaged to do this work, which include:

  1. To demystify the existing company sustainability policy so it can be implemented effectively through marketing strategy, planning and process
  2. To build sustainable marketing strategic plans to enable stakeholder agreement and reporting
  3. To develop sustainability targets and design monitoring and reporting methods to allow integration into existing marketing requirements

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We do this taking a qualitative and quantitative approach to the review and assessment of both your current sustainability policy and marketing workflow. This begins with a review of documentation followed by a series of one-on-one meetings or workshop groups. We then review current marketing metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) against your sustainable business objectives and strategy.


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