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State of the Media Session at Mumbrella360 2014 in Sydney

This post is by Denise Shrivell, Founder of MediaScope which offers a growing range of resources & services for marketers, agencies, media owners and advertising sales specialists.

The second State of the Media survey results will be presented again during a session at Mumbrella360 at 3pm on Wednesday, June 4, in Sydney.

Mumbrella360 Sydney

The survey, launched last year by Darren Woolley from TrinityP3 and Denise Shrivell from MediaScope, aims to create awareness and be a platform for discussion on the issues and challenges affecting all aspects of the media trading process.

The session, sponsored by iCumulus, includes a panel discussion hosted by Darren and Denise with:

They will discuss the issues raised in the survey and will ponder possible solutions.

Throughout the session, comments from the survey will be relayed via vox pop video with appearances by Marketer Rebecca Darley, Ten Network’s Kylie Rogers, IKON’s James Greet, PHD’s Toby Hack, GroupM’s Greg Graham, Mediabrands’ Henry Tajer and Procurement Lead Dirk Correll.

Similar to last year’s findings campaign measurement, changing skill sets, remuneration and transparency issues are highlighted….This year’s State of the Media survey again highlighted the ongoing dysfunction across all segments of the media value chain.

“The talent requirements are changing and in some cases don’t follow traditional career paths. How can we develop training & retention programs which will provide the source of tomorrow’s agency leaders?”

“Current agency client remuneration methods inadequately reward agencies for effective activities and lead to unsustainable behaviours and market practices that will hinder development”

“The days of the middleman taking massive margins should be behind us yet the trading desks still get away with it – as well as and with poor levels of staffing and incentives for buyers to perform”.

The ongoing frustration brought about by the friction in the media trading process is highlighted again…

“I don’t trust my media agency as much as I should. I simply do not know how they make their money.”

“The calibre of many clients – true marketers – has diminished badly over the years and this has amplified the problem of margin pressure and staff retention.”

“With agency staff more and more time pressured, how do they find the time to educate the client and drive innovation when all their time is spent doing rather than thinking strategically?”

“Kids responsible for massive clients’ budgets. Poor and inconsistent measurement techniques and fear of real ROI”

“There is a real skill shortage meaning the current focus is on getting things out the door…not on providing the best solution”

“People are busy, some planners book the same media to save time, not what is in the best interested of their clients”

The continued call for industry wide structural change is also raised….

“Media agencies business models are bankrupt. Businesses underwritten by rebates”

“The industry needs to change. We somehow need to get to a position where agency profits are aligned to the success of their clients. Currently they are not.”

“Current agency client remuneration methods inadequately reward agencies for effective activities and lead to unsustainable behaviours and market
practices that will hinder development”

This year two new themes arose with merging the creative and media process and clients wanting to get closer to media…

“As each agency tries to assert their strategic dominance over each other, there is more time spent on collaboration principles than the actual work. Bring back the full service agency.

“Consolidation of creative & media agencies – has to happen in some form for everyone’s benefit including cost and effectiveness.”

A major marketer commented with “stop keeping the client away from the media owner”.

We also posed a question about the pace of change asking if anything had happened to address these issues in the last 12 months and expectations for the

“The next 12 months will see much of the same – a gradual reduction of industry smarts due to a lack of appropriate remuneration and investment”.

“I think we all agree on the industry challenges, but nothing has changed in the last 12 months. Whilst we remain such a competitive market, I don’t see agencies seeing eye to eye on elements that will start to see change.”

“Industry issues have become more pronounced (in the last 12 months). This is not a bad thing as they need to come to a head to get resolved. Media agencies need to be more transparent.”

To attend, please see details and purchase tickets here – State of the Media Session at Mumbrella360

The State of the Media session is scheduled on Wednesday June 4 at 3pm. A white paper highlighting survey results and comments will be released after the session – for a copy
please email

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    Denise Shrivell has been actively involved in the advertising, media & publishing industry in Australia & overseas for almost 30 years. She now runs Mediascope - an independent central portal for marketers, agencies & media helping them find relevant opportunities & up-to-date information in a highly fragmented, complex & fast evolving advertising & media landscape.

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