Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few of our Frequently Asked Questions. But if you have one of your own, feel free to drop us a line at any time on people@evalu8ing.com

How do I create a survey?

It’s easy to create your own custom survey by creating an account and following the simple step by step instructions inside the Manager dashboard. Select from our pre-prepared questions or mix and match to create your own customised set of questions. Powerful options allow you to link certain groups to each other, include your corporate colours and logo, set regular email reminders to participants in global timezones. Click here for our full Step by Step Guide.

How much does Evalu8ing cost?

The costs are based on the number of groups you define in the survey. The cost is $250 per group, therefore the minimum cost of a survey is $500 as you would need 2 groups to evaluate each other. The maximum number of groups is 8, therefore the maximum cost is 8 x $250 = $2,000. These costs are in USD and include any applicable taxes and charges.

How do I pay?

You can either pay at the time of running the survey using PayPal and a valid credit card. Or if you know the number of groups and surveys you want to run you can pay up front by contacting Evalu8ing and nominating the number of surveys and the number of groups you want. We will then invoice you up-front and on payment provide coupons for the number of surveys you are doing.

What is a Group?

Groups can be various companies, such as suppliers (e.g. media agency, creative agency, public relations company etc), they can be functional disciplines or departments within your company (e.g. finance, IT, human resources, corporate strategy, marketing, sales etc), they can be specialist areas within a group (e.g. within marketing there is pricing, product development, commercial, brand, retail, sales etc), or they can be offices distributed over a geographic area (e.g. Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok, Sydney etc) or any combination of the above. The main point is that Groups within a survey should have clearly defined relationships or interactions with each other.

What if I have more than eight groups?

Each survey is limited to eight groups. The reason is that beyond eight the visual results produced by the system become too complex to quickly and clearly interpret. But if you have more than eight groups you can achieve the results you need with multiple surveys. By maintaining the same panel of questions across all the surveys you are able to compare like for like results.

Who is Evalu8ing designed for?

Evalu8ing is ideal for any business, any category, anyone. It is available 24/7 online. Within an organization it can be used by procurement, marketing, sales, human resources, knowledge management, corporate strategy or finance – anyone wanting to measure, manage and maximize the complex relationships and interactions within the organization. If you want independent management and interpretation of the process, any consultant can use the system on your behalf.
Evalu8ing also has preferred consultant partners who have access to greater functionality of the system and so are able to provide greater insight and value from the results. Contact us here to discuss.

Can I see the Sample Questions?

Yes, download our Sample Questions excel, with five standard panels of questions for you to review.

Can I use some of your questions and some of my own?

Of course. The prepared panels of questions within the system have been developed based on industry knowledge and experience. But we recommend that each user develop questions that are specific to the key success drivers relevant to your requirements and situation. These may include some of the questions from the prepared panels or they may not. You can have up to 20 questions in your own customised survey. It is whatever works best for you.

Do I have to use 20 questions?

You can create as many questions as you like. You could run a survey with one question or with 100 questions. But our experience is that once you include more than 20 questions the completion or participation rate drops significantly, with surveys of 30 questions getting 25% less complete participation than 20 questions. Obviously less than 20 questions gets high participation but reduces the amount of information obtained.

Can I have different questions for different groups in one survey?

No. There is one set of statements per survey because you are Evalu8ing and comparing each group against the same set of key success drivers. You can have different panels of statements in different surveys, but you cannot have different panels of statements in the one survey.

Are there any benchmarks for the results?

The benchmarks should be the constant improvement in the scores obtained on successive surveys. Within the survey you can set the range of responses in the report to reflect previous average scores and thereby quickly determine where scores have improved or not.


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