Set Up Guide

The Evalu8ing Survey System is a user managed web application designed to be intuitive and user friendly. From a survey manager viewpoint, the process is designed in seven logical steps.

1. Choose your panel of questions.
You can choose from one of the panels of prepared statement focusing on the drivers of collaboration, performance and alignment, or you can prepare your own panel of 20 statements specifically customised to your needs. Click here for our 5 suggested lists of survey questions.

2. Define up to 8 groups of people to participate in the survey.
This could be cross-functional groups working on a project together or eight different companies collaborating on a project. It could even be groups within groups such as teams spread across a geographic region or specialist functions within a team. Each group is able to evaluate all of the others that they interact with and compare the way they work with each against the others.

3. Populate each group with names and email addresses.
You are able to populate each group with as many participants as you like and groups do not need to have the same number of participants in each group. Click here for our Microsoft Excel .xlsx you can use to bulk upload the participants to the system.

4. Link and activate the relationships between each of the groups.
If not all groups in the survey have a relationship with all the others, you can map and link those groups that do, versus those that don’t. In this way participants are only asked to evaluate those groups that are relevant to them.

5. Pre-pay or pay the fee online by credit card using PayPal.
Either contact us and prepay for the surveys you want to run or pay online using PayPal (There are also volume rebates for regular users). The cost is based on the number of groups you create, so the more groups, the more cost. But the cost is designed to make the process affordable so that you are able to revisit and monitor the way the groups work and collaborate together on a regular basis.

6. Activate the survey.
The Evalu8ing survey management dashboard allows you to set the opening and closing date of the survey, invite participants, track their progress, provide reminders and so much more. The dashboard is your management tool to make the survey run smoothly and efficiently.

7. View and download the results.
Once all participants have completed their survey, you can generate full colour, graphical reports that can be downloaded and incorporated into your presentations and project reports. These reports provide an overall result as well as the group-to-group evaluation along with a breakdown of the results by question. You can also download all participant comments to obtain a clear context for their responses and you can also download the scores for further evaluation and presentation. These downloads come in a structured spreadsheet format.

Evalu8ing remembers the survey by your login details, so you are able to come back at anytime and re-run the survey to track the results.

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