Getting Started

Getting Started

Evalu8ing - Your Performance Evaluation System for Collaboration and Teamwork

Getting started with Evalu8ing is easy. Follow the steps below and see results of your first performance evaluation and actions for improvement in just 4 weeks.

Week 1

  • Choose your teams to evaluate
  • Select questions and topics to cover
    • From our bank of 140 questions or
    • Customise your own questions

Week 2

  • The survey runs
    • Use any device
    • Takes 15-20 minute to complete
    • Over 90% completion rate

Week 3

  • Results available
  • Evalu8ing prepares and delivers your report with results, verbatim comments, analysis and recommendations

Week 4

  • Evaluating facilitates workshop with key stakeholders to discuss issues
  • Actions agreed on key areas of focus
  • Actions implemented

Measure team collaboration – Improve alignment – Drive Performance

The Evalu8ing cycle runs every 3- 6 months so you can track improvements over time. Cover all aspects of teamwork and alignment including Strategy, Project Management, Communication, Culture and Collaborative Behaviour

Ready to get started?