Evalu8ing - Your Performance Evaluation System for Collaboration and Teamwork

Evalu8ing is an online collaboration survey tool used by businesses to measure and drive team performance.

Evaluate Collaboration

Measure how well your teams are working together and see how they could collaborate more efficiently. Now more than ever the need to collaborate is crucial for business performance and employee satisfaction.

Evalu8ing is a collaboration survey tool that goes beyond just facilitating communication – it provides a total performance evaluation system for collaboration and team work.

Improve Alignment

We help our clients to achieve stronger collaboration between their teams. The teams become more engaged and aligned in achieving overall business results.

Surveys have found 97% of employees and executives believe a lack of alignment within teams often impacts the outcome of a task or project, yet alignment and collaboration are rarely measured.

Drive Performance

Evalu8ing measures how teams are currently working together and identifies where teams or processes are working together smoothly and those that are creating bottlenecks or frustrations in the delivery of projects.

By identifying the problem areas across the 5 key areas of collaboration, and helping to develop actions to address them, Evalu8ing helps clients achieve better business performance.

Our clients’ favourite features

  • The ongoing process drives continuous improvement and performance
  • It’s quick and easy to use
  • The results can be seen at a glance and are available immediately
  • Collaboration between a number of teams can be measured at the same time

Evalu8ing solutions for:

Teams within your business

Measure and improve how your teams collaborate between different divisions, business units or regions.

Diagram of internal teams – Sales, HR, Product Management, Brand & Marketing, Distribution, IT

Your business partners or suppliers

Review the performance of your suppliers or business partners and how they work with your internal teams

Diagram of suppliers – Procurement, Team A, Team B, Supplier A, Supplier B

Your marketing teams and their agencies

Review the performance of your agencies by brand, region or marketing structure.

Diagram of agencies and marketing teams – Creative, Media, Digital, Social, PR, Activation, CX, Client


Because customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal with every project, listen to what Evalu8ing clients and participants have to say about working with our system.

Mark Liversidge, Chief Marketing Officer
CSL Hong Kong

Peter Biggs, Managing Director
Clemenger BBDO

Stephen Black, Director in Charge,
Ford Dealers, JWT

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