How we work

How We Work

Evalu8ing - Your Performance Evaluation System for Collaboration and Teamwork

Finally, there is a way to measure performance and collaboration between multiple teams, stakeholders, suppliers or agencies. This is how it works:

Evaluate and Improve Team Collaboration

Our collaboration performance evaluation process has 4 main steps:

1. Measurement

  • Survey up to 8 teams with 20 questions covering all areas of collaboration
  • Choose from our bank of 140 questions, or develop your own custom questions
  • Questions cover Strategy, Project Management, Communication, Culture and Collaborative Behaviours
  • The survey takes 15-20 minutes to complete on any device

2. Results

  • Results are available immediately after the survey closes with overall, category, per question data and verbatim comments

3. Analysis

  • A report is produced showing results and analysis
  • Issues affecting collaboration and alignment are highlighted

4. Action

  • Evalu8ing facilitates a workshop with key stakeholders to discuss results and determine actions to change processes and behaviours to improve collaboration and performance.

These steps are a 4 week cycle from start to finish. We repeat the cycle every 3- 6 months to track progress

Improve Business Alignment

We’ve found, as organisations become larger and more complex, or have remote teams and sites, the more likely it is teams will work in silos focusing on the goals of the individual group rather than the organisation as a whole.

By using Evalu8ing to identify gaps in alignment between teams and business partners, we’ve helped teams work together better to set and achieve common goals.

Drive Improved Business Performance

The 4 week cycle of performance evaluation allows your teams to take action and see improvement and results before the next round of evaluation.

This focus on alignment of goals and continuous improvement is what delivers better team performance and collaboration.

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