Supplier & Agency Contract Reviews

(How to review your agency contracts to reduce risk and boost performance)

Do you have contracts in place with all of your agencies and marketing services suppliers? Have you recently reviewed and updated your contracts? Do your team and the agency team know the terms and conditions defined in your contracts? Contracts define the terms and conditions of the relationship and expectations to protect both parties. 

Just as your needs change with your changing strategy, so do your requirements defined by your contracts. We review our clients’ contracts on a regular basis to ensure those contracts reflect their changing needs and provide protection to both the advertiser and their agency.

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Beyond the legal department, finance and procurement, it would be fair to say there are not many people who are interested in agency contracts. But in this increasingly complex marketing and business environment, contracts are essential to ensuring you have clearly defined expectations of the relationship and effective ways of solving problems as and when they arise. It is also important that as your needs and expectations of your agencies change, your contracts change to keep these up to date. That is why it is vital not just to have contracts in place with all of your agencies and marketing suppliers, but also regularly to review and update these contracts too.


There are a large number of contracts and contractual arrangements we can review on your behalf including:

  1. All your existing contracts with agencies and marketing suppliers of all types.
  2. Third party contracts held by your agencies on your behalf such as for production or programmatic buying.
  3. Contracts or contract changes provided to you by potential or new agencies and marketing suppliers.

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We are not lawyers or legal practitioners, but we do have extensive experience working with and reviewing a multitude of marketing and agency contracts globally. Therefore we are able to review a contract and identify the areas where the contract may require improvements further to protect your interests or provide clarity and transparency for all parties involved. This takes the form of a report that reviews the contract clause by clause, which can become the basis of a brief for your legal counsel.


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