Scope of Work Management

(How to manage your scope of work to maximise agency value and performance)

How do you define your scope of work for your agencies? Do you use your scope of work to focus your agencies to the task at hand? Do you allocate work across your agency roster based on scope of work? Is your agency remuneration linked to your scope of work? Defining and managing your scope of work is the easiest and fastest way to deliver greater value for your marketing budget. 

A Scope of Work is essential for being able to calculate and evaluate agency value. We work with you to develop ways to define and manage your Scope of Work to deliver maximum value from your agencies. No matter if you are campaign based, always on or using an agile marketing process, we can drive greater value from your Scope of Work.

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The agency Scope of Work defines the specific outputs that the agency produces to deliver the marketing plan and strategy. These outputs can be both tangible, such as advertising materials, and intangible, like plans, ideas and concepts. The role of the Scope of Work is often overlooked and yet it is essential for being able to monitor and assess the agency value, productivity and performance. A Scope of Work can be both projected forward based on the needs of the marketing or communication plan, or captured and measured along the way. It is the basis for defining the outputs of the advertiser / agency relationship and can be used empirically to determine fair and sustainable agency remuneration, relationship financial value and the productivity and performance of the relationship.


We use Scope of Work management with our clients to achieve a number of outcomes including:

  1. Calculating the value of the current agency remuneration model against the Scope of Work to inform a more effective and sustainable remuneration model
  2. Calculating the agency resource level and mix required to deliver the Scope of Work to determine the productivity and performance of the current arrangement
  3. Using the Scope of Work to monitor agency workflow across the roster of agencies to ensure optimal performance and value.

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Usually the first step is to develop a detailed Scope of Work either projected forward from the Marketing or Comms Plan or captured from historical data from the agencies. From the Scope of Work we are able to then use our Scope Monitor and Calculator to calculate the agency resources required to deliver the scope. A comparison between the calculated and actual is indicative of productivity efficiency. By applying the relevant agency cost benchmarks to this resource plan we can calculate a fair and sustainable agency remuneration model.


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