Scope of Work Management

Our Scope of Work Management service evaluates your current agency scope of work and recommends the best approach, calibrated to your needs and benchmarked against the industry.

Why do you need this service? Read on to understand more.

You know what you want – but how do you get it?

In our experience, contractual negotiation is often hardest when the parties involved try to define the agency’s scope of work.

The needs of the average marketing team are complex, multi-faceted and never the same twice. Process, compliance requirements, internal structure, marketing vision – all are factors in establishing a precise working model.

On the other side of the table, the agency, with finite resources and understandable obligation to secure appropriate margin for their business, needs to ensure that the scope offered is equitable to its own model.

As a result, defining scope of work is an area that often leads to disagreement between the advertiser and provider as to the most appropriate resource level, mix and cost based to calculate the remuneration.

What makes it harder from the marketer’s perspective is assessing the correct value equation relative to what the market will bear.

How do you know you have the right resource level and mix to deliver your needs?

And what cost should be incurred for this resource delivery?

Scope of work agreements can grow old, quickly

Scope of work agreements should be regularly reviewed throughout a contractual period.


Because your needs evolve. The service offering of the agency evolves. The reality of day to day business can make scope of work documents irrelevant or redundant. And yet they are an important part of any contract, providing parameters for the agency that can assist with performance benchmarking, contractual disputes and cost clarity.

We can ensure that your agency scope of work is balanced, achievable, and delivers optimal value to your business.

Since 2001, TrinityP3 has been collecting, collating and reviewing industry based benchmark on resource mix and levels, salary, overhead, profit and charge out rates.

These industry benchmarks have been developed through:

  1. Industry available surveys, reports and data
  2. The pooled data collected through our work with our client base
  3. The expertise and experience of our consultants

We can provide an independent, quantifiable assessment of the scope of work, the required resource level and mix and the associated costs with delivering this resource. And we can overlay experience to provide insight on the most appropriate scope of work structure for your business. In carrying out a scope of work management project for you, we will:

  • Assess your current scope of work agreement and stress-test it against the reality of current needs
  • Benchmark cost, resource and delivery against our proprietary pool
  • Recommend optimal structure
  • Negotiate with your agency supplier, on your behalf.

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What is the best way to benchmark agency compensation?

“How much should I pay my agency?” Darren Woolley, TrinityP3’s Founder and CEO, can tell you. Here, Darren shares the five questions that will allow TrinityP3 to accurately calculate the answer to this question.

What ‘should’ my advertising agency cost be?

This is an interesting question and one that Darren Woolley can answer here with a high degree of accuracy. TrinityP3 can calculate what your advertising should cost based on your requirements or scope of work, the category you are advertising, the market and the type of agency you are working with — both in quality and discipline.