What are the biggest challenges facing marketing today?

Marketing challenges

Back in February this year we had our twice yearly get together in Sydney will all the TrinityP3 consultants from around the world, including Michael Farmer, our new Executive Chairman and the author of the best selling book “Madison Avenue Manslaughter”. Every six months we get the gang together to review and discuss the business and plan the future. Last February this conversation led to the changes you see on the TrinityP3.com site today. It was started with a conversation with Michael around the trends and challenges facing CMOs and their organisations, which could be summed up in one word – GROWTH – or more specifically the lack of it.

Meeting the Global CEO of TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultants

CEO of TrinityP3

Hi, Darren. Can you first of all tell us a bit about your background and how you came to lead TrinityP3? I graduated from university with a degree in Applied Sciences and worked in the field of Medical Research for five years before embarking on a 15-year career in advertising. In 2000 I founded TrinityP3 marketing management consultants. As Global CEO, I lead marketing consultants around the world through all phases of the marketing optimisation process to improve the performance of our clients marketing.

What’s keeping the Chief Marketing Officer awake at night?

As the leading marketing management consultants in APAC, it is natural that a lot of marketers and advertisers discuss the issues that keep them us at night, from digital integration and transformation to maximising media transparency and value to getting more effectiveness and efficiency from their ever growing roster of agencies and suppliers. It is therefore always interesting to get an independent perspective on the industry and the challenges and issues such as this Korn Ferry Institute, Marketing Pulse Survey from December last year.