Agency Search and Selection Services

Agency Search and
Selection Services

TrinityP3 has developed market-leading
agency pitch processes.

Going to tender is not always the right answer.

Whether you’re looking for an advertising agency, a media agency, a brand agency, a PR agency, a digital agency, or a production agency, finding the right partner is important.

Going to tender is not always the right answer. And when it is the right answer, procurement of agency services is complicated to navigate. There are many different approaches to agency evaluation.

The right agency search and selection process needs to be tailored, balanced, objective, and executed by experts, with integrity. Only then will you maximize your chance of long-term success with your chosen agency partner.

TrinityP3 has developed market-leading agency pitch processes.

Tested and evolved over twenty years. Our 3,000+ strong agency register, coupled with the extensive experience of our consultants, delivers unrivalled capability and a unique approach, designed to find the best possible combination of agencies to test in tender conditions. And our proprietary market benchmarking data and methodology delivers the most comprehensive and balanced assessment of agency financial submissions available.

We offer a complete service.

from initial candidate selection to negotiation of financial terms, and all points in between. We can also work with you and your new agency post-pitch to ensure a smooth transition.

Throughout, we’re providing the benefit of our expertise and guidance. Our approach is modular, allowing us to tailor the project to your specific requirements.

We can coach you to be pitch-prepared.

For those who need the benefit of our expertise without the full-service approach, our Pitch Power Coaching session is a great way to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared and have optimized your forthcoming process – all in one two-hour session with our expert pitch consultants.

If you want a quick and immediate top-level assessment of the current cost of your agency resource, use our self-service ad-cost checker here.

Speak to our agency review consultants about search and selection or agency performance evaluation.

Customer satisfaction is the goal with every project. Below are just some of the things clients have had to say about working with TrinityP3. Click here to read more Client Testimonials. And because positive client and agency relationships are integral to what we do, make sure you also read our Agency Testimonials.

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In our unique role of identifying and solving the big challenges facing marketing management we create a huge catalogue of insights and build our knowledge and wisdom, which we share with the industry.

Looking for the best possible outcome for your agency pitch?

Our Pitch Power Coaching Session is for you.

Case Study

Reviewing Media Agency Commercial Arrangements for the Financial Services Sector - Case Study

Reviewing Media Agency Commercial Arrangements for the Financial Services Sector – Case Study

Challenging Problem This organization operated in a highly decentralized structure whilst using one media agency. The challenges that the client wished to address in this project included: Establishing a consistent operating practice Agency governance Understanding strengths and challenges of current relationships across stakeholders Ensuring that the inherent value opportunity of a ‘one agency’ model can be fully realised Understanding the quality of, and where necessary, finding improvement opportunities in agency outputs Full understanding of remuneration, resourcing and contract structure. TrinityP3 Solution TrinityP3 performed a bespoke Media Agency Commercial Review designed to account for the relatively high level of complexity involved ...


First, we instigate discovery. We need to understand your needs and requirements in depth, before commencing. Second, we overlay process - a process refined over twenty years, using bespoke tools and data and designed to assess and evaluate the strength of supplier's proposition, people and culture, financial and commercial competitiveness and sustainability, quality of tested outputs and potential value of those outputs to your organisation. Third, we utilise our deep experience. Decisions about which agency to select are yours to make, but we are here to listen and advise at every step of the way.

We can assess contractual documentation and provide change recommendations. However, we are not legal practitioners; any contractual negotiation or wording of terms requires the engagement of your legal counsel.

The aim is to construct a process so that conflict of interest is eliminated before we begin. We do this by ensuring that we understand exactly what the boundaries of conflict are, in your organisation. Every organisation has different compliance requirements. The first thing we do in any process is embark on discovery with you, including discussion and reverse briefing that enables us to understand what you can and can't work with, including any specific agencies or individuals that are ineligible due to any past circumstance. We then tailor our search accordingly to bring you a list of candidates free of conflict. We also conduct due diligence checks with all candidates prior to presenting them to you.

You are critical to the process and are fully involved at every step of the way, including the choice of initial candidates selected for RFI, which we workshop with your team. An often misunderstood perception is that as pitch consultants, we are 'making the decision' about which agency you choose. We never make any such decision and we are always objective. Our process is designed for you to make decisions, with the benefit of our expertise and faciliation.

Yes, we can. Our consultants have extensive experience in international markets. We have on-ground presence in EMEA and North America, and can engage affiliates in other parts of the world as necessary. Our work has taken us everywhere from Britain, to Japan, to Canada, even to Iraq!

Yes, we do. You can choose to engage us in the immediate term to advise in account transition; longer term, additionally, we work with ongoing agency relationship assessment via our proprietary Evalu8ing tool, which measures multi-directional agency relationship and performance strength.

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