Reviewing Media Agency Commercial Arrangements for the Financial Services Sector – Case Study

Challenging Problem

This organization operated in a highly decentralized structure whilst using one media agency. The challenges that the client wished to address in this project included:

  1. Establishing a consistent operating practice
  2. Agency governance
  3. Understanding strengths and challenges of current relationships across stakeholders
  4. Ensuring that the inherent value opportunity of a ‘one agency’ model can be fully realised
  5. Understanding the quality of, and where necessary, finding improvement opportunities in agency outputs
  6. Full understanding of remuneration, resourcing and contract structure.

TrinityP3 Solution

TrinityP3 performed a bespoke Media Agency Commercial Review designed to account for the relatively high level of complexity involved. The project scope included an operational assessment, agency output assessment, contractual assessment, remuneration and resourcing assessment.


To deliver the assessment, we embarked on a multi-stage process.

  • Document Discovery across a wide range of agency and client inputs
  • Stakeholder interviews – 15 in-depth interviews completed with agency and client personnel
  • Analysis – using outputs from discovery and interviews, conducting a rigorous analysis of the current operation.
  • A highly detailed report was produced, including diagnostic, insight, summary findings and articulated/executable recommendations.

Result and Feedback

The client stated that, having digested the report’s contents and discussion, all recommendations were being implemented with the agency.

Feedback suggested that our report was the most thorough and insightful seen from a consultant in this area in over ten years.

The recommendations were designed to drive the following benefits:

  • Stronger operating relationships in several areas, driving improved outputs and outcomes
  • Strengthened collaboration internally and externally
  • Process improvements (across both parties) to drive greater consistency and efficiency
  • Collaborative improvements to unlock latent value-driving opportunities within media strategy, planning and execution
  • Financial improvements – a more sustainable resourcing and remuneration agreement via negotiation
  • Contractual improvements – consolidation of multiple contractual arrangements into an overarching model designed to offer significantly improved protection to both parties.

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