Other Agency Tools & Resources

Other Agency
Tools & Resources

Our Agency Register is our comprehensive database of
many thousands of agencies of all shapes and sizes.

TrinityP3 has developed a range of tools.

Powered by our proprietary data, and designed to help agencies with new business development.

Using 20+ years of experience, with financial consultants specializing in agency agreements, we offer a range of marketing services that deliver you confidence in your commercial arrangement with your agency, along with clear improvement recommendations where necessary, for use in negotiation.

Agency Register

Our Agency Register is our comprehensive database of many thousands of agencies of all shapes and sizes. The information you submit into your agency entry is keyword-searchable by our consultants when working to find and select potential pitch candidates for our clients.

The Agency Register is free of charge. To register your agency and submit an entry, click here.

Agency Free Decision Tree

Our Agency Fee Decision Tree takes you through the various agency fee models currently in use and the underlying strengths and challenges of each. To explore this for yourself, click here.

Cost Multiplier Calculators

Our Cost Multiplier Calculators are also free and easy to use. Immediately you can extrapolate annual marked up salary, marked up head hours, billable hours and overhead recovery and profit mark-up against a range of variables. To look at our calculators, click here.

Ad Cost Checker

Ad Cost Checker, powered by our unique proprietary data, is an advertising cost benchmarking calculator that allows you to statistically benchmark the hour rates and fees for creative, media, digital, social, design and advertising production. Perfect for agencies wanting to check their rates against the market. To find out more about Ad Cost Checker and to use the service, click here.

To talk to us directly about any of our online tools,

Customer satisfaction is the goal with every project. Below are just some of the things clients have had to say about working with TrinityP3. Click here to read more Client Testimonials. And because positive client and agency relationships are integral to what we do, make sure you also read our Agency Testimonials.

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In our unique role of identifying and solving the big challenges facing marketing management we create a huge catalogue of insights and build our knowledge and wisdom, which we share with the industry.

Case Study:

Television Production Supplier Negotiation

Television Production Supplier Negotiation

Company Category: Tourism Challenging Problem: The Tourism Board had brokered a deal to ‘piggy- back’ an major new film about the country by having the film’s director shoot a TVC in the same style. As competitive costs were logistically unavailable how could the Tourism Board ensure they were getting fair value? Creative Solution: TP3 under confidentially agreements were asked to help negotiate the final costs and give explanations to senior management on all pricing areas to enable internal sign-off. Process: TP3 carried out an initial review based on the limited information to hand. Then they worked with the client to ...


The agency register makes you searchable, by keyword, to our consultants. It's one tool we use when building initial long lists for consideration in a pitch.

There is an expanding number of different agency fee models available, beyond the retainer and the hourly rates. The Agency Fee Decision tree takes you through a series of questions that directs you to explore the fee models available and find the one that best suits your circumstances.

Ad Cost Checker is a database containing a statistically significant sample of agency fees and rates. By comparing your current fees to the data sample, you are able to better understand where your rates sit to the market on a role for role and client arrangement basis.

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