Advertising Carbon Offset Calculation – Case study


Company Category: Major International FMCG

Issue: This company was claiming to have measured then offset all the carbon emissions in the production and distribution of a new ‘Green’ product.

Challenging Problem: Under the watchful eye of the Government Authority there was a need to ensure all aspects of the product had been measured including the advertising.

Creative Solution: TP3 were able to assist by using their cost effective measurement and assessment methodology and calculators to supply carbon emissions readings in all marketing channels.

Process: TP3 carried out a review of the media and production buy and applied the appropriate carbon readings and reports. This was overseen by an independent auditor who were helping the client comply with strict guidelines.

Timeline: The carbon assessments for both the production and media buys where completed within 48 hours.

Result and feedback: TP3’s unique carbon measurement system enabled the client to be able to comply with the legislative requirements in a cost effective and timely manner.

Cost: Contact TrinityP3 for details