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Working with your media agency to deliver best possible value can be a minefield. The complexity of media and the work of media agencies have exponentially increased in recent years.

Setting up yourselves and your agency for success is critical. After all, the largest part of your overall marketing budget is likely to be spent on paid media activity. The good news is that achieving this success does not have to involve a lengthy, disruptive and costly pitch process.

The benefits of maintaining a high-caliber approach to agency operations include:

  • A higher performing and higher quality agency team
  • Higher motivation
  • Stronger relationships
  • Improved outputs
  • Optimal commercial outcomes

Our Media Agency Operational Review utilizes senior consultants with extensive media agency experience, coupled with significant consultancy expertise. Using a diagnostic framework coupled with detailed documentary discovery and qualitative metrics, we build range of implementable recommendations that will improve the value gained from your media agency. Our assessment covers several areas:

  • Transparency of operating structures and methods
  • Quality of client team management and engagement with agency
  • Quality of agency account leadership and management
  • Methods employed across the digital media supply chain
  • Quality of agency outputs – strategic, planning, media trading, financial
  • Overall agency value

We’ll leave you with an insightful, detailed, and useable report and roadmap to greater success with your media agency.

Often, this approach can be a far less disruptive way of ensuring your agency is kept on track than the alternative of instigating a pitch process.

We can package an Agency Assessment to include Fee Benchmarking and Contractual Assessment, or other elements of commercial structure, if required .

Contact us about a Media Agency Operational Review or to discuss a tailored project in one or more of these areas.

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Customer satisfaction is the goal with every project. Below are just some of the things clients have had to say about working with TrinityP3. Click here to read more Client Testimonials. And because positive client and agency relationships are integral to what we do, make sure you also read our Agency Testimonials.

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Conduct a commercial review, which encompasses agency operations, process, structure, capabilities, outputs and commercial agreements. Optimising across these areas generates better outcomes and ultimately higher value from your agency relationships.

There are various steps you can take to mitigate against ad-fraud and brand exposure. These are areas we consider when we assess your current contracts, and the operation of the agency.

An optimally performing agency helps you stay ahead of the curve. Our service helps you build the optimal agency partnership. Additionally, read our blog, which is free and full of articles across a wide range of topics.

We request documentary evidence, we examine contracts, we ask the agencies to complete questionaires and we interview agency personnel in depth to gain understanding of how they buy media.

Via contractual protection, review and actioning. We can advise on what needs to be in your contract as part of a commercial or operational review.

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