Marketing Consulting Services and Solutions

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker.

Sometimes, the simplest words tell the biggest story. With increased market complexity and challenges, there are numerous ways to get to Peter Drucker’s truth. With time and experience, TrinityP3 has developed a suite of integrated marketing services and solutions proven to increase your marketing performance, in both efficiency and effectiveness, to achieve improved business outcomes.

We categorise our solutions across six key marketing performance areas.

Marketing Performance Solutions:

(How to make sure your marketing is achieving maximum performance)

  1. Marketing Structure Alignment
    (How to make sure your marketing structure and process will meet your future needs)
  2. Aligning Marketing to Business Growth
    (How to make sure your marketing is delivering the needs of the business)
  3. Marketing Strategy Performance Review
    (How to get an independent assessment of your marketing strategy)
  4. Budget Setting & Performance Metrics
    (How to set the marketing budget you’ll need to deliver your performance objectives)
  5. Stakeholder Engagement & Alignment
    (How to effectively collaborate with your colleagues to improve your marketing performance)

Data & Technology Solutions:

(How to ensure your digital technology investment is delivering the performance promised)

  1. Data & Technology Transformation Review 
    (How to independently review your digital transformation strategy and progress)
  2. Data & Technology Business Case Development
    (How to build a business case for CapEx funding of your marketing technology needs)
  3. Data & Technology Supplier Search &/or Selection
    (How to look for and select the right technology solution for your needs)
  4. Data & Technology Stack Performance Assessment
    (How to find out if your marketing, CRM, data, media and advertising technology is fit for purpose)
  5. Data & Technology Performance Optimisation
    (How to improve the performance of your marketing technology investment)

Advertising Performance Solutions:

(How to ensure your agencies and roster is delivering maximum performance)

  1. Agency Roster Structure & Alignment
    (How to restructure your agency mix to produce a high performing team)
  2. Agency & Supplier Search &/or Selection
    (How to look for and select the right agency or marketing supplier)
  3. Supplier & Agency Contract Reviews
    (How to review your agency contracts to reduce risk and boost performance)
  4. Scope of Work Management
    (How to manage your scope of work to maximise agency value and performance)
  5. Performance & Value Based Agency Remuneration
    (How to create performance and value based compensation to encourage performance)
  6. Roster Performance Management
    (How to manage your agencies and suppliers to maximise performance)

Media Performance Solutions:

(How to ensure your media investment is delivering maximum value)

  1. Media Agency Search &/or Selection
    (How to look for and select the right media agency)
  2. Media Agency Remuneration Assessment
    (How to ensure your agency compensation is delivering value and performance)
  3. Media Agency Contract Reviews
    (How to review your media agency contract to ensure transparency and performance)
  4. Media Transparency, Value & Performance Assessment
    (How to make sure your media planning and buying process is delivering maximum performance)
  5. Developing & Optimising In-House Media
    (How to bring media in-house to deliver maximum value and performance)

Implementation Solutions:

(How to ensure your go-to-market and production is delivering maximum performance)

  1. In-House Agency Performance Optimisation
    (How to ensure your in-house agency investment is providing maximum value)
  2. Agency Transition Management
    (How to start a new agency relationship to deliver maximum performance)
  3. Engagement, Performance & Process Agreements
    (How to create new ways of working with your agencies to deliver maximum performance)
  4. Collaboration, Engagement & Performance Evaluations
    (How to ensure all of your agencies are collaborating on delivering maximum performance)
  5. Advertising Production Assessment
    (How to ensure you’re not paying more than you should for advertising production)

Net Zero Marketing Solutions

(How to ensure your marketing is maximising sustainability performance)

  1. Net Zero Marketing Strategy Alignment
    (How to align your marketing strategy to a corporate sustainability objective)
  2. Net Zero Media Optimisation
    (How to select your media to ensure minimal environmental impact)
  3. Internal & External Supplier Net Zero Assessment
    (How to ensure all of your marketing processes are sustainability compliant)
  4. Net Zero Production Assessment
    (How to determine the sustainability impact of your production processes)

Teamwork & Collaboration Solution

(How to evaluate collaboration, improve alignment and drive performance)

Evalu8ing is an online collaboration survey tool used by businesses to measure and drive team performance.

Agency Cost Benchmarking Solution

(How to check your agency costs against the market in more than 20 countries)

Ad Cost Checker is an advertising cost benchmarking calculator that allows you to statistically benchmark the hour rates and fees for creative, media, digital, social, design and advertising production.

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