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The Costanza maneuver for strategy versus objective

When Seinfeld’s George Costanza realized he was a failure, he decided to do the opposite and became a success. The same can help you sort out if you have a strategy or simply a statement of your objective. The two are different. Find out how George’s Costanza Maneuver can sort it out for you in a Golden Minute.


What is your strategy? Market leadership? Customer centric?
The fact is that often what we think are strategies are actually objectives. But there is a way to tell the two apart.
My friend Shawn Callahan calls it the Costanza Maneuver
Remember Seinfeld’s George Costanza?
When George did the opposite he became a success.
Likewise take your strategy and think of the opposite.
Because strategies have infinite possibilities
But objectives only one
So, what is the opposite of Market Leader? Market loser?
Or the opposite of Customer Centric? Customer careless?
Clearly, they are objectives.
But the right strategy will help you achieve them.
So, if in doubt, do what George would do.
Or better yet so the opposite.