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“It takes good clients to make a good advertising agency. Regardless of how much talent an ad agency may have, it is ineffective without good products and services to advertise.” – Morris Hite

As an independent consultant to marketers, TrinityP3 does not engage in consultancy to agencies. But we are passionate about connecting the right agencies with the right organisations.

Were Morris Hite still alive, we would have two respectful suggestions to make to him. First, instead of good, we should be aiming for great. Good is ordinary: great is transformational.

Secondly, an agency is not made effective just by having great products and services to advertise. It also needs great clients to work with in delivery.
There’s a fine line between good and great. But the difference, when achieved, is worth the effort.

Creation of great work is a two way street

We want to help marketers and agencies become great through the work they do together.
Our belief is that a mutually beneficial relationship sets the scene for the generation of great work. Great work builds best possible marketing output for the advertiser, and best business outcomes for the agency.

Our belief is that mutually beneficial relationships between marketers and agencies don’t happen without the right foundations. They are about many factors – certainly not just cost.

Our beliefs shape the way in which we consult with our clients on any topic related to agency suppliers.

There’s always more to learn

There are thousands of agencies across the APAC region. At TrinityP3, we keep detailed and comprehensive records of agencies across several disciplines via our Agency Register. The Agency Register is free for the agency to complete and affords you greater visibility for consideration.

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We’re ready and willing to talk to you

We view the strength of our agency relationships as an important part of what we do. Meeting with one of our consultants is free, and can help add depth to your Agency Register profile. If you have an up to date Agency Register profile, we’re happy to meet with you or one of your team members.

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We can help take some of the pain out of pitch calculations

At TrinityP3, we understand the amount of work that goes in to pitching and negotiating new or renewed business. We’ve developed a nifty app that can ease your burden.

The Resource Rate Calculator is our world-first agency remuneration app. It allows you to quickly calculate head hour rates, annual salaries, overhead and profit mark-up and annual billable hours. It’s free, and it’s on the iPhone App Store.

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Do you want to get your agency name on to the global stage?

At TrinityP3, our work is becoming increasingly global in scope. We are partners with Adforum, which help marketers, consultancies and agencies to connect within their respective regions.

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