How does TrinityP3 rate as Management Consultants against these 7 critical qualities?

I had great interest in reading the article by Pete Hayes from Chief Outsiders on how CEOs should select Management Consultants. Titled “CEO: The 7 C’s of Hiring Management Consultants” it provided a list of seven criteria for a CEO to assess the suitability of a management consultant. It got me thinking about the way CMOs select their marketing management consultants (including pitch consultants, media consultants, media buying bench-markers and auditors, transformation experts and the like). Do the same criteria apply and how well would TrinityP3 stack up against these selection criteria?

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional marketing management consultant to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur

I love this quote that I have shamelessly paraphrased in the headline here. Red Adair was a larger-than-life character who built his reputation successfully putting out oil well fires. This is a highly dangerous and incredibly lucrative occupation. Imagine an oil well producing thousands of barrels of oil, suddenly erupts into flames? It is literally millions of dollars going up in smoke. Now I am not for a minute suggesting what we do as marketing management consultants is anywhere near as dramatic or a dangerous as Red Adair and his oil fire fighting business, but I think there are some key examples of where in marketing management an expensive professional provides more value than a low cost amateur.

What I learned in 90 days as a Marketing Management Consultant

David Angell - TrinityP3

Having been on the inside for the last almost-ninety days, it has occurred to me that, much as I respect said colleagues, there is a fair amount of misunderstanding about the role of consultants in our industry. No one has asked me to write this. And it is not intended as an advertorial. But for anyone out there considering consultancy, either independently or with an organisation like TrinityP3, fresh eyes are sometimes best. For anyone not sure of our role – here are some truths, home-delivered.