Top 10 tips for making agile marketing work in your organization – Infographic

In a fast paced world it is an advantage to be more agile. This is why Agile Marketing has become such a hot topic for marketers. But beyond just talking about Agile marketing here are some tips for integrating agile marketing processes into your organisation and get the results.

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From the infographic:

1. Define the business requirement. Agree what you are aiming to achieve with agile marketing.

2. Senior leadership endorsement. Seek senior leadership understanding, buy-in and endorsement of the new approach.

3. What is agile marketing? Make sure everyone understands what it means versus just being a buzzword.

4. Not all about speed. Allows for rapid response, but is more about cross-functional collaboration and aligned decision-making.

5. Identify the impact. It’s a new way of working, so you’ll need to define the structures, resource capability, processes, systems and technologies required.

6. Who is the leader? Assign an agile marketing team leader or “scrum master” who will prioritise and manage the “sprints”.

7. Create space. Create space within the organization in terms of physical working space, as well as head space from other BAU demands on the team.

8. Not an excuse for no strategy. Consider how it will fit within your traditional research, planning and execution practice.

9. Is it working? Most importantly, the experiments and activity will need to be results driven. Establish a measurement framework to assess the impact of the activity.

10. Contact TrinityP3. Significant thinking is required in order to make agile marketing work. Ask us about the organisations that we have helped implement an agile marketing approach for.